12 Days of Content Marketing: How To Shine During The Holiday Season!

Between the sparkling lights and doorbuster sales, it’s tough to get attention during the holiday season. Luckily, we have the right tools to delight our customers! No, it’s not nine ladies dancing or eleven pipers piping--it’s 12 tips to get content noticed.

Photo Credit:  howtostartablogonline.net/socialmedia

Photo Credit: howtostartablogonline.net/socialmedia

One: Design content they want.

First, publish content that professionals in your niche will want to consume. There’s a vast amount of content competing for audience attention. Copying others and planting another pear tree won’t cut it. Stick with the four types of contents real estate professionals actually want to see. Use strategies that grab attention like publishing important news. Content should solve customer problems and contain original research.

Two: Avoid Common Blogging Mistakes

Wherever you walk, someone has been there before. Stay ahead of the flock by avoiding common blogging mistakes and keep that audience from flying away. Your blog should have the right tone for your readers, be organized for easy scanning, use hard data, and be completely original. Consistency and schedule and quality are essential. And remember, you're playing the long game not looking at short-term returns.

Three: Ways to Improve Your Writing

Boring is so...never. Once you've designed content that solves your reader’s problems, you need to know what to do to keep them engaged on the page. Skip the promotion of your services. Keep your topics focused to write blogs they’ll want to read again and again.

Four: Ways to Get People Engaged

The social world is about conversation. Your customers should be your biggest calling birds--your number one advocates. To gain their praise, be outstanding in your field. Spend time networking on and off the Internet. Listen to what people have to say and be responsive to their feedback. That's how you get people talking about you online.

Five: Tips for Better Phone Photos

Smartphones are an essential marketing tool, especially for certain social networks like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Live. Shoot quality photos that shine like gold. It is possible to snap incredible photos on your phone. Start by removing your case. Learn the basics of photo composition but don't be afraid to be a little creative when choosing the right setting. Just like written content, editing matters.

Six: Reasons to Use Infographics

People retain 65% more when text is paired with visuals. Infographics are that perfect blend of intriguing visual design and important data-driven information. Using infographics boosts your content strategy. They're dynamic and deliver messages quickly. Infographics make the boring come alive and increase your audience reach. Show off your expertise and maybe your infographics will become syndicated content, building your inbound links.

Seven: Times to Post Your Content

Your content is swimming in a vast lake of material. Maximize content reach by posting when your audience is online and paying attention. From Facebook to LinkedIn, there are optimal times for every single social network. Know that blogs get the most traffic typically on Mondays while weekday afternoons tend to trend on social platforms. Note that’s not precisely true on business-driven network LinkedIn, where content receives more traffic Tuesday to Thursday, or on Pinterest, which receives more traffic on Saturday mornings. Learn more about when to post your content to reach the largest audience.

Eight: Milk Your Employees’ Expertise

Consider your employees key to your content marketing strategy. Draw upon their knowledge and give them a place to shine through your blog. Their input is free content written by your experts and they're more likely to socially share the content. Think of employees as mobile brand ambassadors that expanding your social reach.

Nine: Moves to Leverage Instagram

Instagram is a great way to apply the incredible photos and videos that drive the real estate market. Over 60% of the platform's users are in the home buying demographic. Instagram won't work if you don't have a personality. Use Instagram to highlight key listing features, share client testimonials, show off unique neighborhoods, and go behind the scenes. Clever Instagram users even link Instagram web profiles to their website. Learn more about how to use Instagram to boost real estate marketing.

Ten: Places to Find the Right Images

Having the right visual matters in content marketing. Purchasing rights to images can add up fast, but with a little research anyone can find free stock photography that applies to their content. There’s more than Pixabay and Flickr. Check out places like Unsplash, New Old Stock, and Death to Stock Photos. We have a list of 10 more great stock image sources to help drive your content strategy.

Eleven: Get Listed and Grow Your Twitter Following

Finding the right followers on Twitter is hard work. Luckily there are Twitter lists. Discovering a list of curated accounts in your niche is like finding the Pied Piper. Follow a list created by somebody else or create your own. Twitter lists can be public or private. Learn more about how Twitter lists can grow your following.

Twelve: Be Your Best Drummer and Promote Thyself

No one can toot the horn about your incredible content like you can. Publish it with loud bang starting with an email blast and plugs on every owned social network. Use handles and tags to thank contributors and sources of information. Keep the cadence going with by republishing periodically across networks. Change up your timing. There's no shortage of ways to promote your real estate content.

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