4 Ways to Get People Talking About You Online

Whether you’ve been dabbling in content creation for a few months or are a seasoned real estate content marketer, you know that all your efforts are in vain if you’re not getting people to talk about you and/or your brand. Word of mouth marketing can be just the snowball you need to start seeing the fruits of your labor. But, how do you get people talking about you online?

Use these tips and tricks to take your content marketing from just another blog to a conversation starter:

#1. Be Above Average

Before you sit down and write your first real estate blog or hit publish on your latest Facebook post, take some time to reflect on the quality of your service. People want to talk about their good experiences. What are you doing to really stand out from the crowd —to make people want to talk about you?

When you’re confident in the quality of your service and you find ways to go above and beyond for your clients, they’ll reciprocate with their referrals and good words.

#2. Grow Your Circle

Both online and off, it’s important to grow your circle of influencers to get conversations started. This could mean connecting with other industry influencers online, joining a local Rotary or BNI group, or creating a LinkedIn or Facebook group for likeminded individuals.

Get a jumpstart by using these lists: 10 Largest Residential Real Estate Brokerages Firms to Follow on Twitter and Duke Long’s List of 100 CRE People to Follow on Twitter.

#3. Listen

To start conversations, you must also listen. Listen to what your sphere is talking about and create content that resonates, solves a problem, or provides real value.

If you’re in residential real estate, perhaps your clients are talking about new zoning changes in your neighborhood —create content that helps them understand the changes. If you’re in commercial real estate, maybe you have investors asking about where the market is headed —share content that offers stats and predictions they can use to make insightful decisions.

#4. Be Responsive

As conversations get started, be sure you’re monitoring the social chatter about you and/or your brand so you can actively engage the conversation and respond quickly. We recently wrote a blog that talks about the best tools for Twitter, many of which offer social monitoring that can alert you to new conversations as they’re started. Be sure to check out some of those tools.

Putting it Into Practice

Getting people to talk about you and/or your brand online is an ongoing process, one that takes careful planning and execution. Let our team of real estate content creators and social media managers help you get the conversations started! Connect today to learn more.

Lauren LealComment