5 Ways to Add More Value to Your Blogs


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Referrals still dominate how real estate professionals win business. But what if you’re new? Or want to expose your brand to a new audience? That’s where content marketing becomes valuable. Blogging builds industry street cred. The more valuable the post, the more visitors, and more positive reputation. How can content marketers add more value to the blogging we’re already doing?


1-Deliver related content

In-linking is the practice of linking content to other in-house content, but it’s not the only best practice bloggers should do. Offer related and complementary material: other blogs in the same topic category, video spin-offs, infographics, et al. Design the blog page to present related content as an option near the blog’s footer or in the sidebar. Another way to deliver similar content is by categorizing blogs and allowing users to search a category or “see more like this” in a link.

2-Turn data into visuals

If you don’t know about the power of visuals in marketing by now, you must be an ostrich. People like the pretty pictures. Even in a blog, you can turn data into complimentary bar graphs and pie charts. Instead of a sprawling vertical graphic, make a smaller infographic that fits nicely onto the page. For an example, see this “about” infographic by Cushman & Wakefield. Infographic and visuals don’t need to be complex to work. Best of all, the internet is awash with free tools to create infographics and other stunning visuals, making it simple for anyone to do.

3-Dive deeper into content

Oh my goodness! That blog you just wrote is longer than 750 words. Should you slice and dice the blog down? Not necessarily. If the content is worthy of a deeper exploration, keep it. Focus on quality, not word count. Perhaps try experimenting with slightly longer blog content. Research shows it is highly effective. If you’re thinking about writing longer posts, deepen the value by adding case studies.

4-Engage the comments

If you have the comments option available on your blog and a reader leaves feedback, hooray! Respond to them. Showing engagement with blog comments lets others know: a) you’re paying attention, b) you’re willing to engage in conversation. Over time, it could build an active blogging community. Just look at BiggerPockets, where blog comments take on a life of their own. For example, see the discussions and questions on “3 Benefits of Holding Your Properties in an LLC” by Brandon Turner.

5- Use Anecdotes

Don’t shy away from being personal. Draw others in with the challenges you are facing or toot your horn with recent success stories. The key to personal anecdotes is to connect the experience with a lesson learned. Think, “Hey, I tried LinkedIn and it worked better than expected!” Content marketing is about helping others. Sharing our road bumps or achievements helps others learn from your experiences.







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