Best Practices for Getting People to Share Your Content



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Pet peeve: you email someone a dozen times asking nicely if they share will your content, upcoming events, etc. But they don’t do it! Ever wonder why? The simple answer: people do not have the time to do the heavy lifting for you. If you want people to promote your stuff, make it mind-bendingly easy. Here’s what to do in your emails, blogs, and social to encourage sharing:

#1. Give an incentive

Use social media to talk about other people or businesses whose work you admire. Share their posts with your audience. Creating a background of sharing their work incentivizes them to return the favor and share your stuff, especially when it’s time to ask.

#2. Emails asking for promotion

In your request for promotion, don't just put a link. Give the person the copy, the handle, optimized image, and anything else you might want them to share. No one is going to spend an hour of their time creating these things for you. Make it so they can cut-and-paste into their content scheduler. Plus, you’ll stay in control of your messaging and branding when you provide it!

You would be surprised how many emails we get asking for promotion but lack the copy and imaging documents to do it properly.

#3. Make insta-tweets and posts

Add to your blogs the Click to Tweet plug-in or other website add-ons that create pre-generated rich snippets. This simplifies the sharing process. The person sharing will add extra content if they really want to.

#4. Add a share this button to your content

Our favorites are the “share this” buttons that scroll with your web page.  As a visitor reads your web content, they are always seeing the buttons. They can choose to share the content after they find it valuable. When you leave the “share this” static on top of the page, people are likely to forget to share they reached the bottom.

#5. Build an alliance

Work with similar, but not competitor, service providers. Have an agreement to share content from each other on your social networks or email newsletters. Essentially, “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.”

When someone does follow through and promotes your content, remember your manners. Say thank you. Even a simple retweet or a comment works. An email is better for big content promotional asks.

In summary, if you want someone to share, make it simple by giving the person everything they’ll need! Need help promoting that next big product launch? See our services.

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