Branding is Caring About Others



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

What lies at the center of your branding universe? Hint: it’s not your mission or vision statement. To find your sun, look outward from the company. Everything revolves around priority one: your customers. Your branding identity is no exception.  

From day one, the focus of your brand should be on those you serve. Businesses exist to HELP. They provide services and solutions. A lawn care business services your grass to save you time. A real estate agent services people buying, listing, or leasing, and solves problems along the way.

To craft a successful brand identity and business plan, it’s crucial to understand and empathize with their needs.

How does the brand help them?

Answering this question helps your brand discovers its value. Common options:

  • Saves time during a process

  • Does a process cheaper

  • Improves the quality of a process or product

  • Increases their exposure

Be specific in your answer. For real estate, you could say your incredible track record closing deals increases a space’s exposure and improves the deal outcome. Or, as a service provider, perhaps your back office automation improves productivity by 10-20 percent.

What are your customer’s problems?

People work with businesses or services because they need to solve a problem. A real estate professional hires an associate because they can’t handle the business they’re getting. A small brokerage wants to scale and close more leads, so it buys into a CRM. A property manager is overwhelmed by maintenance and asks for a solution to streamline communication between tenant and vendor.

Express your brand value

Reflect on your target audience’s pain points. With a clear understanding of your target audience’s pain points and how to help them, brands create clear statements about their value. Say something like:

  • Our network quickly pairs you with qualified vendors in your area.

  • Our platform makes project management transparent, saving you time and money.

  • Our CRM streamlines your marketing and syncs to your calendar.

These statements can be the basis of your mission or vision statement.

Show the brand cares

Everything you do in your branding guidelines should express the value you create for the consumer. The focus provided by answering questions about the customer’s needs assists you in executing a better brand and marketing program.


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