Breaking Blogs: 6 Different Recipes to Try


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Cookie cutters are for cookies, not blogs. Not all your posts need to be uniform. Break away from the formula of “2-3 sentence intro, 3-6 headers, 3-4 sentences, conclusion.” Keep your audience engaged and your creativity flowing with some different blog formulas! Try these out:

#1. The list

This format is pretty popular. Technically, this blog is a list. You’ve seen them, like our “The Top CRE Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now!” List blogs tend to drive traffic, which is why they’re common. They build anticipation: the reader knows exactly what they’re getting. The list format naturally summarizes key data, and the number hints at how long it will take to read.

So how can you break the list mold? Get creative inside the list style. Instead of text list, why not do an image-based list blog? (See: Top #CRE Companies Killing it on Instagram!) Or a list with several short videos? Or one longer video listicle? Yes, you can upload videos to your blog!

#2. The Long Blog

Change your blog length and deliver something more insightful. These blogs work best when sharing important industry research. It will work even better if you pair the chunks of text with images, charts, and graphs. Visuals are so important for helping readers remember your information. Plus you can use them in promoting your blog! The advantage of a blog greater than 750 words? Longer blogs boost search engine optimization because they’re full of more keywords.

#3. How-to Guide

This format is similar to the list. A how-to explains a process to a novice. How-to guides are easily skimmable and naturally answer your target audience’s questions. Format with lots of images or include short video demonstrations to help sell your audience solve their problem.  If you’re targeting an audience that may be new to your service, a how-to guide can be a great selling and marketing tool.

#4. Curated Post

Take a break from idea generation and do a “curated” post. These posts compile the best of something. Pick the best in-house or out-bound content your audience should know about. Curated posts are wonderful for linking to other industry-leading content.

#5. The Q&A

Don’t rely on your original ideas: rely on someone else’s! Draft a few questions and let the industry or in-house expert write the blog for you. Why use someone in-house? A Q & A with someone on your team proves you are hiring the best in business and gives them time to shine. Hopefully, they’ll promote across their network and draw more traffic. As for an industry expert, a Q & A is just at helpful at building bridges inside your niche.

#6. Infographic

Surprise! Your blogs don’t always need to be text! Create an infographic to upload as a blog. These are visually pleasing ways to deliver dense data. They’re quick to read and easily promotable on social media.

#7. Video Blog

Want to get even more dynamic with your blog? Embed videos! This is a dynamic way to engage your audience and change up the standard blog format. Remember to refer to other content in the video blog, add a killer video teaser caption, and promote across your owned channels. Q & As make great videos!

So if you want to be the same old, same old, keep chugging along. We’re advocating to change your delivery sometimes. Don’t be so locked into one blog method. You might be surprised at what happens when you experiment.

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