Bring Your Blog Back to Life!


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

We want results. Every marketing action aims to drive the bottom line. When a blog isn’t performing up to snuff, it’s easy to want to cut it from your marketing strategy. Why waste the time if it’s dying? Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes bloggers make that cause blogs to wither away.

#1. Bad Headlines

Do a search about writing headlines and countless resources appear. Tips and tricks are endless. Yes, writing a good headline is an essential step in a successful promotion. Why? It’s the title that peaks someone’s interest to click through. Problems arise when writers get too quirky. Don’t write, “‘Tis the Season, My Friends,” and expect your readers to wonder enough to open the blog. A solid headline must reflect the content in some way.  Say, “Tis the Season for Winning New Blog Readers.”

#2. No links

Blogs must have links to content you’ve generated. These in-links drive new readers to similar materials that might interest them, setting the visitor off on the conversion path. In-links help search engine spiders crawl and better index your site. The links highlight keywords in the document. Essentially, adding in-links is a triple whammy of positive traction.

# No credit

Few of us write content from scratch. Usually, we’ve researched the topic. Through outlinks and direct quotes, we give credit to that person for their work. Outlinking, especially to data-backed sources, is essential for establishing your authority as an industry professional. Even more important: it prevents plagiarism. No spinning ideas, please.

#4. Under publishing

Hubspot has published their in-house research about blog publishing frequency and its correlation to website traffic. Essentially, the more you publish, the more traffic you earn. However, we’d invite you to consider your blog schedule carefully based on your needs, budget, time available, audience, length, and focus. It’s easy to run into burnout if you exhaust all possible topics in your subject area from publishing too frequently. Luckily, you can change up blogs by publishing infographics or short videos.

#5. Not writing for mobile

In a recent blog, we discussed why it’s important to write for mobile. Chances are high readers will interact with your blogs on a mobile device. Huge, extended paragraphs are a huge turn-off for mobile readers. Break into chunks, use headers, and shorten sentences to improve readability.

#6. Not promoting

The final cardinal sin of blogging is not promoting your awesome content! You can’t expect organic traffic to magically find you the moment it hits the web. You’ve got to do some legwork. Share the new content on your owned channels, through email newsletters, and any other creative method you can consider.

How do you revive a blog that’s languishing on the web? Start by auditing your existing blog posts. (Note: our team is a whiz at helping CRE professionals audit content.)  Use the information in the audit and the tips listed here to guide your future blogging plans. You can bring life back into a blog that’s standing on its last two legs.

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