Building Brand Awareness? You Need Social



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

Nothing beats social media for brand building and lead generation, says Salesforce’s recent 2019 State of Marketing Report. Social media offered the highest return on the investment compared to any other content marketing and promotional strategy.

What aspects of marketing was Salesforce considering? Brand building, lead generation, and upselling, plus customer retention, advocacy, and acquisition. It looked at a host of content marketing strategies, like a website, email, video advertising, paid search, and customer communities.

Every step of a customer’s journey is valuable. Their research showed an effective, well-built website was the foundation of the marketing strategy. This makes sense: a website is your brand’s face to the world. It’s the home of brand proposition, your valuable blogs, ebooks, and white papers.

But a website can’t engage your audience the same way as other marketing methods. That’s where social media steps up to bat. Social media is an avenue to share the incredible work taking place on your website. Through organic and paid promotion, social media is an excellent way to let people know about your blog and additional content.

Social media, both organic and paid social ads, played a key role across a customer’s journey. It’s pivotal in lead generation, yes, but also for retention, acquisition, and advocacy. Salesforce found high-performing marketers are 1.9 times more likely to engage customers across one or more marketing channels. That means email, social media, social advertising.

When you use social media well, you’re not just a content promoter, you are a real brand who is concerned about advocacy and customer communities. It’s vital to be a voice in the conversation. Through social hashtags, marketers find related content worth sharing and commenting about. They talk with potential customers and industry leaders, building relationships while increasing your presence in the industry.

Clearly, social media is critical for building brand awareness. It’s where your customers are living every day. They are engaging and interacting with the world. As a brand, you must go where they are. Find the social networks your audience uses and start applying your branding strategy today.


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