Content Marketing Interview with SIOR's Director of Communications, Alexis Fermanis


How does SIOR use content to keep their members informed?

Alexis: SIOR members are thought leaders and experts in their industry, and often are writing and sharing informative content for SIOR to distribute. 

From advice columns and white papers, to articles, thought provoking discussions and case studies, we share this information to benefit members and the industry.
— Alexis Fermanis

What types of content is most important to your members?


  • Thought leadership articles
  • Business Best Practices
  • Case studies
  • Market Updates
  • Trends
  • Sales and Marketing Tips
  • Legal advice
  • Advocacy updates

How do you share your content?

Alexis: We share our content through our website, our magazine, our blog, email, and social media.

Can you tell us about your new magazine?

Alexis: SIOR Report is a valuable asset to our members and the CRE industry at large. The magazine received a new look and feel, with a stronger emphasis on generating thought provoking and educational content. The revamped name and look was designed to appeal to a larger external audience and further demonstrate the best-in-class organization and membership.

How do you assist your members with their own content strategies?

Alexis: At SIOR we strive to assist our members in conducting business and demonstrating their expertise – but it’s easy – they are thought leaders in their field, and market themselves every day, we just help increase their ability to do so! We help by providing a community platform for them to network and do business, and we offer marketing templates, power point presentations, press releases, and advertisements that members can use for their own marketing purposes.

about alexis

Alexis Fermanis is the Communications Director for SIOR. She oversees all internal and external digital media, including the SIOR Report, all websites, mobile apps, social media, public relations, advertising, digital marketing and media, and more. She is also the staff liaison for the Technology & Communications Committee.






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