Content Marketing Spotlight: Allen Buchanan’s Blog

Unique to our spotlight series, today we feature an individual content marketing leader in the commercial real estate industry. Allen C. Buchanan is a principal at Lee & Associates in Southern California. He provides location advice for owners and occupants in the warehouse and industrial markets. For over 30 years, tenants and owners have trusted Buchanan to meet their CRE needs.

Allen Buchanan’s Content Strategy

New visitors instantly know Buchanan’s industry qualifications because his About Me is right on the homepage. Most visitors find Buchanan because of his video marketing practices. He started creating videos early on and today is a content marketing leader in video. Buchanan’s most popular series is the weekly Tuesday traffic tip video, a short nugget of wisdom about CRE. Other produced videos include interviews and location virtual tours.

Buchanan continues his focus on location advice in the written content published on his blog. One scan through his blog archive reveals he is a prolific content creator. Buchanan published 50 blog posts in 2016. Every blog has social sharing options and the ability to comment on posts. His huge social share buttons in the sidebar attract attention to encourage content sharing.

You can find Buchanan’s content on numerous other platforms, starting with his owned channels. He is syndicated on theBrokerList and often appears on real estate influencer lists created by CRE professionals.

Why Allen Buchanan Strategy Works

Even though Allen Buchanan specializes in location advice, many tips apply to professionals in the CRE industry as a whole. One tip is about confirming appointments. Who in the real estate doesn’t make appointments with clients? Another is about “Hidden Costs in a Commercial Real Estate lease,” something property tenants and their representatives need to know.

Two words to describe the weekly Tuesday traffic tips: pure genius. Even people who don’t live in California have heard about the awful traffic. Why waste time idling way doing nothing but checking emails? How about creating short video series ideal for content marketing? Buchanan created a content marketing gem when he started the Tuesday Traffic Tips series. It works because besides capturing Buchanan's congenial personality, regular series keeps followers coming back. They trust each video to deliver something interesting and informative every single Tuesday. The videos are highly shareable across multiple networks, which Buchanan does on his own social platforms like Google+ and Twitter and Facebook.

“For me, creating content is akin to working out loud, a phrase coined by my wife of 37 years. It’s taking what we do each day as CRE professionals and saving it in the written word, an image, an infographic, or a video. Consequently, I’m never at a loss for topics as what we do each day is constantly changing.”
— Allen Buchanan

You can see Buchanan embraced video marketing beyond his Tuesday series. Just watch his “Welcome to location advice” video on the blog homepage or scan his website for industry interviews, speaking engagement, and “Location Advice on Location.”

His personable and casual videos help Buchanan really connect with viewers. The same is true with Buchanan’s blogs. Readers feel they’ve entered into a thoughtful conversation with a helpful mentor and friend.

Another feature unique to Buchanan blog is how he constructs his titles. They're catchy, but what we appreciate is how he employs a best practice normally used inside blogs: capitalizing or highlighting keywords. In the blog titles one word is always capitalized to provide emphasis for that topic. For example, see the blog ”This is a GOOD offer - but is it the BEST offer?” In his Tuesday video series, “TUESDAY” is always capitalized.

Buchanan makes social sharing easy to help get his videos out to his audience. Readers can't fail but to notice the ginormous buttons in the sidebar. On the desktop version of the homepage, social sharing options appear on every single blog at the bottom.

Buchanan posts his contact on his Location Advice blog, but you’ll find his videos and advice spread across social media. See:

Allen Buchanan’s Tuesday Traffic Tips playlist on Youtube

A sample post from Allen Buchanan’s Location Advice blog.