Content Marketing Spotlight: Clientlook

Ask any CRE professional to name the top technology tools used today, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions will make the top three. Clientlook is one CRM provider, offering a rapidly growing all-in-one CRM Suite. Brokers, investors, owners, and other CRE professionals in over 1400 cities use its customizable software. Clientlook is scalable, mobile, and integrates with other essential services. The platform is one of the top CRMs used today in real estate.

Clientlook Content Strategy

Content marketing has been an essential part of Clientlook since its launch in 2008. Clientlook’s content strategy is to share their CRM insights and experiences to offer simple solutions for CRE professionals. Their regular blogs include informative, easy-to-read articles that demonstrate how technology adoption does not have to be complicated. Topics focus Clientlook’s niche, with the occasional blog about special events, company updates, and experiences. In this way, the Clientlook blog promotes their brand as an industry leader in the competitive CRM market.

Successful brands have personality. See how Clientlook approaches call to actions. For the best example, visit the article “Best CRE Blogs of 2016.” Rather than including a “read more” button, the CTAs say something like, “Help me fix my email mistakes,” or, “Show me the must-haves.” Inside their blogs are the same social sharing buttons other companies promote, but Clientlook includes a clever little graphic that says “Sharing is caring” and points to the buttons.

Owned social media networks help promote blogs. Clientlook posts on social channels like Twitter and Linkedin. Their greatest content strategy success is with the LinkedIn group “Technology for Commercial Real Estate.” The platform is excellent for generating conversation and indirectly promoting Clientlook as an industry thought leader.

Why their strategy works

Content marketing is how brands create media buzz. Clientlook’s brand offers simple, sleek solutions that help commercial real estate professionals conduct business, not worry about tech support. The blog topics showcase Clientlook’s expertise as a quality provider of CRM solutions. Their stamp is “this is what we do and we do it well.”

Clientlook founder and President Michael Griffin started the aforementioned LinkedIn group at the same time he founded the CRM provider back in 2008. This ingenious strategy is an incredible platform for generating conversation. Through the group, Clientlook listens to CRE industry professionals and tech users about the concerns that matter to them. The platform is credited with generating a solid foundation of blog followers.

Readers are accustomed to bland call-to-actions. The point in having a CTA is to make clear what’s it in for the reader. Clientlook’s method clearly states the value proposition of clicking through, an industry best practice. Nearly everyone promotes social sharing on their blog posts; adding the “sharing is caring” draws attention to a detail readers now gloss over.


Engage with the Clientlook blog. Commenting on posts and social sharing are encouraged. Further participate in the tech conversation by joining the “Technology in Real Estate” LinkedIn group or follow Clientlook:

For more insights, read our content marketing interview with Clientlook’s founder, Michael Griffin.

Smart use of CTA in the Best CRE Blogs of CRE post on Clientlook.

The blog topics focus on Clientlook’s expertise: how effective customer relationships management help commercial real estate professionals.