Content Marketing Spotlight: Honest Buildings

Busy real estate owners and managers seek three components in optimizing their project management and procurement process: reduce project costs, deliver projects faster and save teams’ time, all of which help to create asset value. Honest Buildings is the collaborative, data-driven technology that does all of the above by empowering smart decision making to ensure capital and construction projects are on time and on budget. Specifically built for the commercial real estate industry, users including owners, asset managers, project managers, property managers, directors of operations and construction, use the product as a real-time central system of record that increases transparency, standardizes reporting, automates project management, and much more.

Content Strategy

Honest Buildings’ blog publishes topics aligned with the company’s services. The posts incorporate real data that helps its ideal customer solve their problems. Expect to find industry studies, tips on using CRE tech, and concrete numbers in the Honest Buildings content. The company sources its original content from the expertise of its employees and industry research.

“We’ve been able to build our project management platform in close collaboration with the leading real estate owners in the country because they trust us. It’s a core pillar of our content strategy to reinforce this trust with content that is thorough, well-researched and provides actionable best practices that address their challenges,” says Pauline Nee, who leads content efforts at Honest Buildings.

Call to actions are a best practice in content marketing, and Honest Buildings has a unique approach on using them in the blog. There is a subscribe box, but the posts also use an attractive graphic linked to a customer testimonial or a helpful page of related information on the Honest Buildings website.

Why Their Strategy Works

The focus on delivering content aligned with Honest Building’s services organically attracts the right customer. The content is not outright selling to the reader--a content marketing taboo--but it does address potential pain points and supply helpful information. This establishes Honest Buildings’ credibility as an expert in commercial real estate project management software. Backing up their blog posts with hard data supports the brand’s emphasis on using data to empower decision-making and proves they keep a thumb on the latest developments.

We’ve said before that employees are an essential part of a brand’s content marketing strategy. Each Honest Buildings blog features the employee’s bio and links to their social accounts. This builds both the company and the employee’s credibility with the audience. Your best experts are right under your thumb, after all.

Using a CTA that doesn’t sell but draws a reader further into the buyer’s journey is a smart approach. Consumers are becoming more accustomed to “subscribe” or “download” buttons on blogs. By linking to related information--a powerful testimonial, a page with special features--Honest Buildings is creating internal links and keeping potential clients on the website to learn about their services. Again, it’s selling without pushing.


Visit the Honest Buildings blog to study how content aligns with branding. Connect with Honest Buildings for more content by following on Twitter or LinkedIn.


A snapshot of an Honest Buildings call to action.

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