Content Marketing Spotlight: JLL Real Views

JLL is a global professional and financial firm specializing in investment management and commercial real estate services. JLL delivers its integrated commercial real estate services based on the local, regional, and global real estate needs from 280 corporate offices stationed worldwide.

JLL Real Views Content Strategy

Real Views is JLL’s news site leveraging its reach to serve readers with relevant, global real estate news and business stories. Its contributors come from within JLL and experts outside the company. Real Views delivers expert thoughts and accurately sourced data that helps commercial real estate and investment professionals make better decisions. The content reflects JLL’s global reach, which they organize into five broad categories: Trends, Places, Economy, Industries, and ViewPoint. Each category has further tags within to help readers quickly find the content they need.

JLL relies on its experts to generate high quality content daily on a diverse range of topics impacting real estate. JLL Real Views uses a variety of content marketing best practices in its blog. These include, but are not limited to: easy to read text, subheaders, include social sharing buttons, and a call to action in the sidebar. Articles are distributed through the JLL Real Views social networks to maximize their reach.

We’ve highlighted JLL Real Views before as an example of content marketing done right. While an industry leader in content marketing best practices, what sets JLL Real Views apart for our Content Marketing Spotlight is its smart use of design.

Why JLL Real Views Design Works

How something looks matters just as much as what it says. HubSpot research found colorful visuals boosted a reader’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. Additionally, nearly half of marketers identified photography as critical to their strategy.

JLL Real Views exemplifies a blog that invests in imagery and design that matches and enhances the quality of its expert content. The homepage is a model of economical web design. While colorful, it makes smart use of white space to move the eye across the page.

The image-driven layout is attractive to its readers. Every image is of superior quality and very clearly related to the post title. These are not standard stock photos. The article titles are large and easy to read no matter what size the screen. Any teasers are kept to one sentence. The sparse text emphasizes the need for strong titles and summaries that entice readers to click.

As mentioned previously, JLL organizes its blogs by category. Each overarching category is color-coded from the menu bar to the “read article” button. The image border, category tag, and “read” button appear purple identifying the information as covering a trend regardless of whether it’s a post about a workplace or a video on innovation.  A quick glance lets readers identify if they are in places (orange) or economy (blue). Readers further navigate with ease thanks to JLL Real Views’ use of icons. Each post has a graphic in the corner that identifies the news as an article or video.

Most readers don’t spend all day scanning the webpage for content to read. Blogging is about economy of time and JLL Real Views respects that understanding with a unique feature: estimated read time. The article box lets readers know if the post is an one, three, five, or more average read.

JLL Real Views’ homepage adapts wonderfully to screens of any size. A large screen will start with a bold scrolling header image with leading stories from each category. Smaller screens turn into a horizontally scrolling list driven by a bold header image followed by category title.

The thoughtful minimalist design continues on the post pages. Users are greeted with the attractive image, followed by large text, bolded hyperlinks, and a simplified design that adheres to the organizational color scheme. The uncluttered page lets the content speak for itself.


Small-screen design begins with a scrolling header on the top stories.


Explore JLL Real Views to see for yourself what smart blog design looks like. For further ideas on how to use content marketing intelligently, JLL Real Views is active on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google+, and YouTube. We consider their social media amongst our top most influential real estate brands. Each social network continues the site’s emphasis on high quality visuals as part of delivering a clear industry voice.



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