Content Marketing Spotlight: Keller Williams Blog

Keller Williams is a residential and commercial real estate company emphasizing investment in its associates and communities. Today, Keller Williams has 139,000 associates working in over 790 Market centers across the globe. It believes the individuals’ community presence is what drives business. By providing agents the necessary resources to grow their business, everyone is successful.

Keller Williams Content Strategy

Keller Williams recognizes that a strong content strategy and social media presence is non-negotiable in the real estate industry. The Keller Williams blog models best blogging practices and provides educational information for all aspects of their associates’ business. For instance, one post clearly states real estate agents must have a blog to drive traffic to their website and outlines all the reasons why. Available content is sorted by tips for agents, talking with customers, market updates, and more. All the content reflects valuable data KW believes real estate agents need to know. The blog encourages interaction through comments and social shares. The editors regularly respond to feedback made on the Keller Williams blog.

Why their strategy works

By exemplifying the “practice what you preach” motto, the Keller Williams blog delivers quality content that educates all real estate professionals, not just its associate. Best content marketing practices appear throughout the company's blog. This includes the content topics to how content appears.

The blog lives up to its goal of supplying value to its thousands of associates. New content publishes consistently, but not every day. Keller Williams does take advantage of special events. For example at the recent Family Reunion, the annual gathering of Keller Williams agents, writers blogged every day about the convention’s special moments and events.

Keller Williams emphasizes the need for conversion and practices lead generation on the blog. Subscription calls to action and social sharing icons appear on every single page. Their social share buttons actually show how many shares or likes they have received on the different platforms, proving their content has value. Keller Williams views social media as a distribution tool and the social share buttons demonstrate this.

The Keller Williams content strategy values well-executed content over content length. Something that is 200 words can still be exemplary. The published content varies by topic, type, and length. There are videos, photos and other forms of content embedded into the blog posts. Nearly every blog includes a visual image.

Connect with Keller Williams

Visit the Keller Williams blog to skim through their educational content. An RSS subscription is available. Residential and commercial real estate agents will find their content to have the most value. Check out Keller Williams’ social accounts for an example of well executed real estate content marketing.

This snapshot from the KW blog shows it received 534 LinkedIn shares, 383 likes on Facebook, and 7 Google Plus shares.

The topics are intended to educate KW’s main audience: its associates.