Content Marketing Spotlight: The BiggerPockets Blog

Who wouldn’t like to have bigger pockets? Founded in 2004 with the idea of disseminating free investing information, BiggerPockets now boasts almost 640,000 members. The platform provides tools and resources surrounding the real estate industry, with a blog hosting over 7,000 articles, iTunes’ #1 real estate podcast, and over 2 million forum posts offering advice and networking opportunities.

BiggerPockets Content Strategy

The BiggerPockets community is ever-growing thanks to high quality free content, much of it member-driven. Approximately 1.3 million unique monthly visitors (as of October 2016) peruse the thousands of articles written by BiggerPockets’ team of bloggers and scour the forums for peer advice, while over 80,000 listeners tune into each podcast episode. As BiggerPockets says on the “about” page, their purpose is to educate members “through our forums, articles, member blogs, podcast and BiggerPockets Blog.” This consistently delivered, trustworthy content available in various mediums is what drives their loyal member base.

Why their strategy works

No sales pitches, just helpful advice -- that’s the number one guiding value of the BiggerPockets Blog and the driving principle of all successful content marketing strategies. Right behind that core value is relationship-building. When a consumer visits the BiggerPockets Blog, they see a community engaged with the content. The comments section at the bottom of each post isn’t blank space -- the readers have posed questions, and often, the author answers. This is honest communication between peers that is helping each individual find the solutions they need to succeed in their industry.

Nothing is tiny about the BiggerPockets Blog. After all, they believe in thinking big! The topics are comprehensive to the real estate industry at large. New content is uploaded several times everyday. With thousands of articles to draw upon, it could be challenging to find a topic you need. It’s not. The blog homepage is organized with clear section headings, starting with the most recent posts. Right on top is a categories menu to instantly narrow the reading material. For readers seeking a specific topic, a search box is on the right.

The blog is smart about how its content is presented. The image-driven home page creates an attractive layout for breezy scanning. Content is broken into sections with a unique format to keep the eye moving across the page. Everything is paired with focused photography. Visitors aren’t smacked in the face with overwhelming text. Images, titles, and short snippets work together to entice a click. Plus, BiggerPockets offers more than articles. Users can listen to or watch one of the many informative podcast episodes featured on the site.

BiggerPockets is dedicated to helping its visitors reach their full potential. Their calls-to-action have clear objectives that provide value. Receive a free thrice-weekly newsletter with the latest real estate content. Download a free e-book for beginners on real estate investing with actionable strategies to get started. Download a free guide on making great landing pages. Create a free account with a member profile. There are numerous ways BiggerPockets directs visitors, using content paired with numerous calls-to-action.

Connect with BiggerPockets

Readers engage with BiggerPockets in numerous ways. Visit the blog and leave a comment on a post. Every post has numerous shareability options on the bottom and top of each blog. The latest in BiggerPockets content is available via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube. By downloading the app, users can follow certain content and see trending topics. The app is available for iOS and Android.


This recent blog post on BiggerPockets inspired a conversation with 77 comments.

Right from the homepage, users can find blog categories relevant to their needs and see the most recent posts, again marked by their category. The layout is attractive and image-driven.

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