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We all want content that resonates. Something stops the scroll. It makes you think or makes you feel or it’s is just so different, it stands above the crowd. In 2018, we came across a few pieces of marketing that did just that for our team.

#1. WeWork: Season of Sharing

WeWork is a global company known for their co-working spaces. Building a community is vital to a successful coworking space, but it’s not all about the internal community. In this video, “Season of Sharing,” WeWork highlights employees from around the globe investing time and energy into their local communities. This one tugs on the heart as people talk about what matters to their community and what they’ve gained from their service. Watch the Video.

#2. Open Box’s "Where is Rob Sparke?" Campaign

This marketing campaign launched in 2017 but continued into 2018. Open Box launched the Open Box Automation Engine in March 2017 with the "Who is Rob Sparke?" campaign. This fictitious person soon became crazy popular. According to Open Box, “the goal of the campaign was to cement our position as automation thought leaders in the industry and showcase our success thus far.” It worked. We loved watching and following the adventures of Rob Sparke. Rob Sparke became so popular, Open Box created Rob Sparke figurines perfect for snapping social media photos of his adventures.

#3. “People of PECO” and Phillips Edison Company

Phillips Edison Company knows relationships are about human connections. Social media enhances those connections. With its “People of PECO” social strategy, Phillips Edison hit a home run. These posts show the wide range of PECO’s team and contacts participating in activities, sharing core values, and utilizing their expertise to improve the community and business relationships. The result is a year-long social strategy delivering content simultaneously personal and professional, working to nurture and build community relationships. See their Instagram for a history of their “People of PECO” posts.  

#4. “In It Together” by LinkedIn

January 2018, LinkedIn launched its “In It Together” campaign. They said, “we started asking ourselves and our members “what are you in it for?” “It” is work and everything associated with work, and the answers are as unique as the over 500 million members on LinkedIn.” The campaign featured people with various backgrounds, experiences, and motivations across multiple mediums. A well-done campaign hits at consumers in multiple ways. What we like is how it highlighted diversity in place, services, and people, and in marketing touchpoints: online video, digital display, social media, podcasts, etc. This campaign makes us think about how a commercial real estate brand could break down barriers and come up with something innovative to market the full range of what they do.

#5. Brixmor Popup Shop on Instagram

Pop-up shops are a “thing.” Consumers like them because they’re novel, retailers like them because they draw foot traffic and occupy an otherwise empty space. Brixmor decided to create an Instagram account just to feature Pop-up Shops at its 445 open-air centers in the United States. It’s a novel way to advertise available spaces to potential businesses and to showcase the creativity happening in these spaces. For example, see the Dinosaur-themed @Trexplanet pop up in Colorado.

What are some social commercial real estate campaigns you admired last year? Inspired by this list? We have the expertise and the partners to help you craft an engaging social campaign in 2019!

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