DNA of #CRE Survey Closes February 1st



As marketers we believe the most accurate way to understand marketing is through data and analytics. What do the numbers tell us? What does our traffic tell us? What channels are working or not working?

The DNA of #CRE is an excellent example of how we can all unearth rich insights from the results of this year's survey, which reward us as marketers with data we need to make decisions. However, the survey success cannot be achieved without your help and responses.

Both Buildout and theBrokerList have been working tirelessly to get the word out about the survey through social media channels, partnerships promotions and email. At The Content Funnel we felt that a blog was in order to insure we left no stone uncovered.

To date there have been over 300 respondents to the survey! Last year the survey closed with 500 respondents. Please help us all by taking the survey now. The survey closes on February 1, 2019 so there are not many more days left.

The reward for taking the survey is a year's worth of data in a simple to follow infographic, followed by reports full of insights and analysis and all of this is a result of your 5 minutes of time. Please help the industry and respond to the DNA of #CRE Survey. This survey is for both commercial real estate brokers and marketers.

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