Do You Know These 16 Stats on Video Marketing?


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Video consumption is huge. How do we know? Every minute, 48 new hours are uploaded to YouTube. Billions of videos are watched every day. Content marketers that video is an essential part of successful marketing campaigns. Each industry, including real estate, benefits from incorporating video into their content strategy. From the gargantuan consumption rate to improved conversion, these key figures paint a clear picture about why you need video marketing.  

  1. 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook alone. That’s 8 billion total videos. (Source)

  2. The number of videos watched on Snapchat every day? 10 billion. (Source)

  3. Pinterest video posts saved by users increase 60% from 2015- 2016. (Source)

  4. On Twitter, videos are 2.8 times more likely to be retweeted.(Source)

  5. It is predicted that worldwide, video traffic will account for 75% of all web traffic by 2020. (Source)

  6. By 2019, mobile ad spending is projected to reach $65.87 billion, or 72% of total advertising spending. (Source)

  7. Advertisers spent 67% more on digital video advertising from 2015-2017. (Source)

  8. Video ad click-through rates outperformed HTML5 banner ads by 18 times. (Source)

  9. Facebook says captioned video ads are viewed longer by an average of 12% compared to uncaptioned videos.  (Source)

  10. One-third of retailers found video increased their conversions by 91%. (Source)

  11. According to Vidyard, email campaigns with personalized videos can increase email conversions 500%. (Source)

  12. A 2015 study found shorter videos 30 seconds have 89% better conversion rate compared to videos over 180 seconds. (Source)

  13. Adding video to a landing page can boost conversion rate by 80%. (Source)

  14. In 2013, 60% of marketers said they used video for email marketing and 82% believed it is effective. (Source)

  15. A survey revealed 73% of customers claim the more likely to buy after watching the product video. (Source)

  16. Video increases organic search engine referrals by 157% and time on site by 105%. (Source)

Video marketing can be used in real estate with tremendous success. Read about seven ways to use video, or why you need to use live streaming on social platforms like Facebook.




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