Do You Need a Sales Funnel?


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What is this sales funnel term marketers keep talking about it? Maybe you don’t know what a sales funnel entails much less have one in place. But it’s likely if you have your pulse on the latest trends in marketing you have at least heard the term “sales funnel.”

What is a sales funnel?

In simple terms, a sales funnel is the journey you take a potential client on through your offerings, website and even e-mail messages.  Sales funnels are automated to take potential clients down a personalized path based on their individual interactions with your materials. Some are really simple and others super complicated. Regardless of the type of funnel you create, it can mean some seriously strategic activities for your CRE business.

The Stages of the Sales Funnel

There can be many different types of sales funnels depending on the type of activity you’re trying to drive in your business as well as the level of complexity. But for the basics of a sales funnel and for purposes of explaining it to you we’ll focus on four basic stages: read magnet, lead magnet, introductory offer, and core offer.

The Read Magnet

The first step of your sales funnel is to attract readers to your content. Use powerful copy on your website or in your e-mails that make your ideal client feel as if you’re speaking right to them. Think about their pain points. Determine what makes them tick. Call it out. Attract them to what you’re offering.

Lead Magnet

The next step is to create a piece of content that draws in your prospective clients. Provide some insight they might not find elsewhere. Let your expertise be the magnet that draws them into your funnel. It could be a blog, a whitepaper or an amazing listing. It just has to attract the attention of your ideal audience.

The Introductory Offer

This is the offer that you can give your clients that will create action in them – like adding themselves to your e-mail list or setting an appointment with you. Once you’ve funneled them in because they’re interested in your content, you can serve them with the right kind of offer to be sure to secure the next step in the sales cycle. For instance, if they go after a listing lead magnet, you know they are looking for office space and you can send them an offer for an appointment with you to review the office spaces in your area.

The Core Offer

For the next step in your sales cycle it may be that you’ve been nurturing a prospect through a series of e-mails or targeted content. And now it’s time to engage them in a serious way. Whether it’s a phone call or an in-person meeting, the core offering will always be that next big step to work with you.

The sales funnel isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great way to take your CRE business to the next level from behind the scenes. With some automation and targeted content you can be nurturing relationships without lifting a finger.

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