Five Hottest Content Marketing Trends of 2016 for Real Estate

Content marketing is constantly evolving. Audience preferences change and new platforms go viral. To stay on top requires a thumb on the pulse of the latest developments. More than halfway through 2016, these are the top trends we’ve identified in content marketing.

Video Content

Improvement in Wi-Fi coverage is making access to hi-speed Internet easier than ever. Given the high demand of streamlining services, it’s not surprise video content is taking off. They stand out more than a written post; they’re interactive, and informative. As a bonus, it’s easier to syndicate and monetize videos. Expect to see increased demand for high quality video content continuing into next year.

User Engagement

Readers aren’t just looking to read something anymore. Make users a part of the social experience. Include clickable flowcharts, create an online poll, build interactive quizzes and calculators. Using 360-degree videos is a great way to combine video content and user engagement, especially in real estate.

Rethink Content Distribution

Social media platforms are increasingly making it difficult to organically reach customers. Facebook’s announcement it is prioritizing posts from friends and family members over brands and organizations is indicative of this change. Consider other ways of sharing your message through influencers and native marketing.

Mobile-first Marketing

An ever-increasing amount of time is spent on smartphone and tablets, making mobile the go-to device for information consumption. Specifically designing content to display attractively on mobile devices is crucial. Think on-the-go quickly digested content: lists, pictures, GIFs, etc. Stay on top of real-time events and promote them to your audience.

Photo Credit:  Highwaysagency

Photo Credit: Highwaysagency

Get Personal

Match your audience to your content. The trend is for highly specialized content, meaning more marketers are applying segmentation strategies to fit their audience. Track where your audience is coming from. Design alternative landing pages, a personalized reminder, or write separate blogs.

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