Four Ways Make Your Videos Memorable


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Way back in 2007, an Online Publishers Association study showed that 80% of Internet users were able to recall a video ad they had watched in the last 30 days. Ten years later, content marketers can’t escape video marketing. Studies have proven its power in converting leads, generating organic web traffic, and establishing brand authority. The thing is, not all videos are created equal. With the upsurge in video exposure on social media channels, it’s no longer enough to simply “use video.” First, the video must be of quality, from content to production. Second, it’s competing for attention. Make the video stand out so the customer REALLY remembers your brand.

The golden rule hovering over all video advice is to just be yourself. Do not create a video that misrepresents your brand. Video content and video advertising must generate business. Keep your target audience in mind when you are generating content. Find the marriage between what appeals to your audience and what reflects your brand. In other words, if you are a high-end co-working space provider, a cheesy hip-hop parody videos probably won’t reflect your brand. VTS’ “Building The Ecosystem” video is a perfect example of well-produced authentic content that reflects their brand.

Humor can go a long way in creating memorable video content. If it fits in with the brand, go for it. break out your inner Jimmy Fallon and create something unique. Are you a naturally witty real estate agent? Left that come across in a video interview. Some brokerage firms have created musical parody videos, like this LMFAO parody of “I’m Your Realtor And You Know It.

As hinted previously, the competition for video views on social media networks is increasingly fierce. Some sources say that this year, 74% of all internet traffic will be video. Creativity is essential regardless of your market niche. When creating stand-out content, ask yourself, “how can I present information differently?” Be wary of outdated trends, like the written sign videos. They were unique when first done, but now numerous people have copied the format. Check out this video of “Things Real Estate Agents and Loan Officers Wish They Could Say.”

Unless you are crafting a webinar or seminar, keep it simple. Over half of all videos watched on mobile devices are less than five minutes. Engagement rates tend to go up with shorter clips. People want to view easy to digest compact clips. If you have a subject that is extremely detailed, spin it into an acceptable longer form like a webinar, or break it down into an ongoing short video series that users can consume anywhere at any time. This video by CommLoan, a commercial real estate lending marketplace, introduces the company in less than 90 seconds.

Another key component to crafting stellar video content Is by avoiding common mistakes. While you don't need special equipment to start with video marketing, knowing what works and what doesn't will get your content marketing efforts off on the right foot.

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