How Smart CRE Pros Can Use Facebook's Latest Updates

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Name the most recent update to the Facebook platform. Unless you’re checking their blog daily, you’re likely wrong. Facebook releases updates big and small to its social platforms on a regular basis. Most are minor tweaks, but some change the content marketing game forever (hello, Facebook Live!). Savvy commercial real estate content marketers need to stay on-point with the developments to optimize their social media efforts.

What’s New in Facebook Video

Up until now, videos with captions received more play, partially because videos auto-played but without sound. Now Facebook announced videos will auto-play with sound. Users can minimize videos and continue playing in the corner of the screen while they continue scrolling down the page, similar to the YouTube app. These changes mean CRE content marketers including video marketing need to pay more attention the sound and audio quality of their content. Noisy backgrounds and poor audio rendering will deter viewers from keeping the video playing in their feeds.

Finally, for all those who prefer to go vertical, Facebook optimized how vertical videos render on the network. The larger video format will be available on Instagram, Facebook Live, and the channel view. Sticking to the horizontal is less important, but experiment with the new settings before keeping your broadcasts vertical.


Virtual Reality App

The biggest tech trend in the CRE industry, virtual reality, joins Facebook. The social platform has hosted 360 photos and videos for several months, but the social media leader’s announcement of Facebook 360, an app for Samsung Gear VR, take VR integration to a whole new level. While you don’t need an Oculus to view Facebook’s 360-degree content, it’s a sign that virtual reality is gaining serious ground with everyday consumers. CRE professionals should prepare to use VR and augmented reality for social media marketing in the very near future.

Metrics Revised

Who doesn’t want a better idea of where their marketing dollars will work best? Enter the newest feature in Facebook Insights: Estimated Daily Results. Now when marketers create a new ad set or tinker with a current set, Insights provides a predicted results estimate based on ad parameters. This update should help fine-tune budgets and campaign expectations for a better return on investment. Another long overdue feature is split testing, which will help marketers optimize their ad features for all devices and browsers. Successful CRE marketers pay attention to their metrics and this update helps us improve our strategies.

Staying updated on the latest video streaming changes or new apps matters. Smart commercial real estate professionals know jumping on early trends boosts marketing reach. Be the first to use Facebook 360 or use this data to improve your video quality.

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