How to Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Slow Down


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With holiday decorations already popping up all over department stores, it’s easy to be reminded that the season of celebrations is quickly approaching. But what does that mean for your commercial real estate business?

After the up-turn you’ve likely experienced throughout the fall season it’s disappointing to think about things slowing down again as people take time off from business to spend the holidays with their families. So, how do you keep things moving up until the 11th hour in an effort to meet your yearly sales goals?

Clearly articulate the advantages to purchasing property this year, not next.

It’s likely that there are some clearly defined advantages available to your clients if they choose to purchase or lease property with you prior to the first of the year. Usually this comes in the form of tax breaks or favorable negotiations due to developers wanting to push their properties off the books by the new year.

It’s important to start discussing these advantages with your clients early, and frequently, to keep those bonuses top of mind for them. It’s common for clients to fall into vacation mode quite early, especially around the Thanksgiving holiday. Keep their motivation high by offering reminders, and figures in writing, about the cost savings associated with making a decision this year.

For the high maintenance client, reiterate your increased availability.

Everyone in the commercial real estate business has come across that super high-maintenance client a time or two. You know – the one that wants every second of your time and expects you to be on call every time they’re ready to see another property?

Well, this is the season for them! Call up your fussy clients and let them know that your schedule has opened up with the holiday slow down and that you’d be happy to devote more time than usual to their commercial real estate needs. Be careful though, giving these types of clients more attention can often be a slippery slope for the future.

Plan an event or send a gift.

If you’re having some trouble getting your clients to commit to doing business with you before the new year, try getting their attention by inviting them to a holiday gathering for key clients, or send them a thoughtful holiday gift.

A gathering over cocktails at a local restaurant or a festive holiday party at your company’s offices may bring some clients out of the woodwork. And after all, it would be hard to not talk business at a holiday party. If your commercial real estate firm isn’t planning a gathering an invitation to dinner or a nice gift is another great way to keep your best clients engaged during the busy holiday season.

Regardless of your tactics, the holidays are a great time to close those last deals of the year and start the new year fresh and focused on generating new business. Don’t lose steam during those last days of fall as there’s still time to reach your 2017 sales goals!

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