How to Write Blogs that Go Viral


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When you spend endless hours creating captivating and informative content for your commercial real estate client base, it’s easy to get frustrated when your content doesn’t immediately get shared, back-linked and liked. Even if you’re the most stellar writer with informative facts and engaging statistics, it’s not easy getting content to go viral.

So, if you’re looking for all those blogging efforts to really pay off, here are just a few things you can do in your efforts to create viral content.

#1. Stop trying to make your posts go viral.

This might seem like a step in the wrong direction but it’s actually quite the opposite. The more you focus on creating content solely for the purpose of it going viral, the less your content will actually have the right intentions.

The vast reading and sharing of a blog will happen naturally if you focus on sharing content that will teach and inspire people. What are the pain points of a typical client? Where do you think knowledge is truly lacking in the commercial real estate market? What is the most common question you get in your industry? Focus on providing value, and that kind of content will naturally go viral.

#2. Think like your clients.

This ties in to the idea of not focusing on creating viral content but writing about what your commercial real estate clients are truly interested in. Everyone is busy and the internet is filled with noise and distractions, why would your client or potential client trade their 10 minutes of free time in to read your content? What’s in it for them?

True to put yourself in your reader’s shoes. What kind of information are they interested in and why would they take time out of their day to get it from you? What makes your content and writing style unique? If you aren’t sure – don’t be afraid to ask! Conduct a poll or ask your clients directly. How can you help them better understand the CRE market?

#3. Understand what makes your content intriguing.

If you want to better understand what makes some of your content interesting enough to attract a large readership as opposed to your content that falls flat, evaluate what has worked in the past.

Look at the statistics for the content you have released to your audience that has a high response. Did you use lots of images? Did you focus on stats and numbers? Was it funny? Every target audience is different, especially across varying industries.

Creating content that your audience will respond to is mostly understanding what provides value to them. If you can evaluate what has been helpful for them in the past and continue to create similar content with regular testing, you will create the perfect formula for viral content.

It’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong answer and that your content will continue to improve the more you understand and engage with your target audience. So, get out there and get writing! Or, hire the experts who know exactly how to get the job done.

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