Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? By Sarah Malcolm


Just because you can search the web on your phone doesn’t mean that all sites can be searched efficiently on your phone. Today smartphones are more popular than ever before, and they are used for literally everything at this point. Optimizing your business's website for mobile viewing isn’t just a little trend or bonus. It has become an absolute must these days.

Here are the top reasons you should’ve made your website mobile friendly yesterday.

You’ll Make Your Clients Very, Very Happy

You want your clients to experience nothing but total ease and happiness when they are dealing with every aspect of your company. From an agent to your Twitter account, they should be pleased. Nothing will kill that vibe faster than a malfunctioning website on a teeny tiny phone screen. A mobile-friendly website, however, will lee[ all the good feelings steady. And when a client feels good about a service, that is something they are likely to share.

People Everywhere Are Using Mobile Devices

Everything from looking up an address to paying your mortgage happens on your phone. Consumers want to connect and get what they are looking for quickly. That is just not going to happen for your clients if your website is not optimized for mobile.

It’s a Standard Practice

Responsive web design has made mobile optimization more straightforward and accessible to the masses. Most users have come to expect this level of functionality as the standard when browsing on their mobile device.

You Can Reach More Clients, At Lightning Speed!

Websites that are mobile friendly are ranked higher on Google. If that isn’t reason enough to get your site together, then we don’t know what is. By merely having a mobile-friendly website, your site will get attention from more people. Your site is automatically opened up to anyone performing a mobile search, and they don't even need your URL to find you!

Your Website Will Look Great

You put a lot of time in the design and layout of your website, blog, paper ads, and social media content. Why would you let customers sift through a wonky version of any of this material on their phone? With a responsive design, your website will adapt to the users’ devices, and it will always function well.

Your Business Will Be Modern and Relevant

Do not let your company be a digital dino. Mobile websites give off the impression that your company is cutting edge and contemporary. You will be totally legit to anyone who has given your company a little Google on their smartphone.

Check to make sure your website is looking good on a mobile device. There are some free tools you can use to help you out. Three favorites are Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, w3c mobileOK Checker, and Hubspot’s Marketing Grader. Run the website through more than one tool, and see how it looks on many devices.

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