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By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

The holiday season is the perfect time for reflection. A lot can happen in 12 months. Think about the social news that dominated the year: Facebook data scandals contribute to the platform losing its luster, Twitter doubled its character limit, Instagram is rising to the top. And how about in commercial real estate? WeWork has received billions more in funding, more big-box retailers have shuttered doors, and industrial real estate generally continues to perform well. Combine the two, and there is a staggering amount of news to follow.

At The Content Funnel, we strive to be responsive to the commercial real estate industry and marketing trends. That said, we wanted to reflect on what topics resonated with you, our readers, in the last year. It's encouraging to see CRE professionals want to know more about the latest trends and how to be successful with their content marketing. Without further ado, 2018’s hot topics were:

#1. O Come All Ye Followers

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All you want for Christmas is more followers. We get it, but don’t ask Santa just yet. People sometimes equate the size of their follower list or their email database as a measure of success. We continue to make the case that the quality of your followers is more important than the quantity. Clearly, this topic resonated with you, which is why we expanded the blog into an e-book with advice on making sure your social media and blogging efforts attract quality prospects.

#2. Merry podcasts, everybody!

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If you’re not following these top four commercial real estate podcasts, you should. Podcasts are taking the CRE industry by storm. Not only has this blog caught attention, but we’ve been talking a lot about podcasts with our clients and industry colleagues. So much talk, that shortly after 2019 rings in, we have some big podcast-related news you don’t want to miss.

#3. All I want are influencers

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For the last few years, using social influencers to make it snow followers has been a trend. A true influencer is much more than an elf sprinkling likes and follows here and there. A real #CREinfluencer is always thinking ahead and asking the big questions that drive the industry forward. We presented our thoughts on who is at the forefront of change in our Top #CREinfluencer list, which includes service providers, investors, and brokers. While there are more names to remember than Santa’s reindeer team, the influencers list resonated with you.

#4. Hark! The women leaders in CRE

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We love highlighting diversity in the commercial real estate industry, so this blog profiling some of our female leaders was one of the fun ones to compile. Women bring new perspectives to CRE, and we’re thrilled they continue to stomp that glass ceiling to pieces.

#5. Do you see diversity?

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Another blog about diversity in CRE, this one was composed for Black History Month. Inspired by REAP, an industry-backed, market-driven program that matches talented minority professionals with the successful real estate companies searching talent, we profiled 17 men and women impacting the CRE industry in a big way.

#6. Tacking up the Slack in CREMarketing

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Slack is incredibly useful for marketing teams to plan and communicate about the numerous projects we’re working on. It integrates with so many apps and services we use, like Drift and Trello, or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The Reasons to Use Slack blog details the ways Slack applies to your business. On our end, we’re becoming more involved in using Slack for business. We’ve even created a #CREMarketing group on Slack for our #CREMarketing call participants.

#7. Blogging is one of my favorite things

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Should you or shouldn’t you? Blog writing remains a popular topic in the CRE content marketing universe. That’s why we published The Roadmap for Blogging. More specifically, through surveys and conversations, there is demand for blog writing as a service. Expect to see more about this topic in 2019.

#8. O Instagram, O Instagram

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How merry are your pictures! By far, Instagram is one of the most popular topics in CRE social marketing this year. Instagram-related blogs going back to 2016 were among the most read content this year, including how Instagram stories bring brands to life. As more CRE professionals seek to incorporate Instagram into their strategy, we’re looking for examples of who’s doing it well, like these top CRE 19 companies on Instagram.

All that is to say, we’re following our own advice. We’re listening by looking at what the numbers say. Clearly, the people in the industry mattered most in 2018, whether as an influencer or highlighting our diversity. Topic-wise, Instagram, blogging, and podcasts, are the big items on Santa’s list this year. We won’t forget these old acquaintances during the New Year, but use them to bring you more insightful content into 2019.

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