#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: 4 Lies You’re Telling Yourself about Social Media


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We all make excuses for doing things we don’t want to do. And maybe for you, that thing is social media. Perhaps it’s one of those areas that seems like the scary unknown. You’re not sure how to build a business through these platforms and you’re worried it will be a huge waste of your time. Maybe you’re evening telling yourself some things about social media that keep you from diving in and taking advantage of its opportunities.

#1. It only works for B2C

So often people that are in a B2B (business-to-business) environment think that using social media to market themselves to other businesses is a waste of time and energy. After all, businesses only use social media to market to consumers, right?!

Absolutely not. In today’s social media climate, all businesses are present on social media and they are also looking to interact with other businesses on this platform. Businesses are made up of decision-makers and whether or not they’re on there in an official business capacity, your decision makers are all over social media ready to be marketed to.

#2. You’ll get engagement with interesting posts only.

While we are certain you likely have great content, that content only will not get you likes and followers. You must engage with your audience. So often we hear from CRE companies who are posting away on social media wondering why they aren’t getting a flood of followers.

Crafting interesting and targeting social media posts is only half the battle. You have to start conversations. Join in with your audience. Become part of groups to market yourself. It’s called social media for a reason and only focusing on your posts is like going to a party and standing in the corner talking to yourself. Get out there!

#3. You won’t get real clients from social media, unless you pay for ads.

Often times we tell ourselves that social media isn’t a real platform for business growth and marketing. The truth is – there are plenty of businesses that use social media as their only platform for generating business. And at the very least, a customer that finds you somewhere else will likely go out to your social media to see what kind of content and following you have.

And when it comes to paid advertising, it’s not a requirement. There are plenty of ways to engage your audience on social media without paying for ads. Send people from your website to your social media. Engage like-minded locals in groups. Network online with businesses in your community.

#4. Everything must be perfect before you can market yourself on social media.

It’s easy to think that you must have the perfect social media presence before marketing it on your website or launching it to your e-mail list. But sometimes the best path is just to move forward and do the best you can with what you’ve got.

If you have great content and engagement, your audience won’t worry about your graphics being just perfect. You can make changes as you go and not worry too much about having everything exactly in its right place for the perfect social media post.

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