#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: How to Keep Your Clients Safe on Social Media



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As a commercial real estate professional, you probably don’t think too much about keeping your clients safe… online. Sure, you’re certain to be careful of only bringing them to safe properties or being cautious about showings in less-than-ideal areas of town, but what about their safety on social media?

With the danger that so much of your life, your company and your client’s lives being easily accessible through social media, it’s likely you have a responsibility to your clients to keep them safe. So, how can you avoid the potential dangers that interacting with an audience in a public forum like social media can bring?

Here are a few tips for keeping your clients safe when interacting with them through different social media channels.

Don’t Tag Them in Locations

Let’s say you’re taking some photos in a property that now belongs to one of your loyal clients. Even if you’ve gained permission from a client to tag them at a property or in a photo, never do so while you’re at the property. This is especially true when it comes to remote industrial properties where you and your clients might be exposed to someone that knows exactly where you are and may be up to no good.

Don’t Share Any of the Specifics of Their Business

When companies are searching for new property, it could mean a variety of things for their business. Perhaps they are going through a merger or acquisition. Maybe they are downsizing and don’t want their employees to know quite yet. Whatever the reason, it’s important to keep that information confidential. Don’t call them out on social media. Don’t tag them in a post about your latest showing. You may expose a company in a way that could damage their reputation, let a secret out, or cause friction with their employees. Keep your clients’ identities quiet unless given very specific permission.

Be Careful About Who Manages Your Accounts

It may be tempting to have all kinds of people in your office contributing to the company’s social media page. But that can be a mistake. By giving too many hands access to your CRE company’s social media presence, sensitive messages or client information can be exposed. It’s best to have an in-house designated social media or marketing person managing the account and keeping any passwords confidential. If you’re using a third party to manage your social platforms make sure you have an iron-clad non-disclosure agreement in place that protects you and your clients’ information with third parties.

The most important thing is to just be smart about your social media presence and sharing anything about your clients. Always get their specific consent when sharing things like testimonials, and never tag anyone at a location you haven’t already left. It’s always better safe than sorry when it comes to your clients.

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