#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Leveraging Social Media to Make a Real World Impression... Tips for CREtech NY and ICSC NY Deal Making


December is such a huge month in the commercial real estate world! Two huge events are simultaneously taking place in New York City. CREtech’s New York Venture Conference December 6 is the largest event of our year-long programming schedule delivering the best in CRE technology. Then the International Council of Shopping Centers has its annual New York Deal Making event December 4-6. With all the chatter around these two events, how can you get noticed?

#1. Start with the hashtags

You can’t join the conversation if you don’t know how to enter it! Each event and organizational host has accounts or hashtags. Interact with event organizers and attendees by following them!

CRE Tech: #CREtech, #cretechny

Follow on: @DiscoverCREtech, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn


Follow on: Facebook (@MyICSC), Twitter (@ICSC) and Instagram (@ICSC)

When you talk or post about the event, use the hashtags or tag the event to start conversations. Use your social monitoring to follow these to join current conversations.

#2. Tune in with social listening

Use your social media management software or a social listening platform to monitor the conversation. Track the hashtags and accounts listed above. Jump on event conversations as they happen. Joining the talk on social makes people aware of who you are and your attendance.

#3. Get real

Offer to meet people in-person during the event. Use social media to promote where you will be and how people can gain face time with you. Wear something distinct and encourage people to “just say hi!” Talk about the sessions you’ll attend or where to find your vendor booth.

#4. Do something special

Launch a special promotion with these events. For instance, run a social scavenger hunt during the conference. Example: “If you find our CEO, Mark Smith, take a selfie, tag us, and you’ll be entered for a free one-month trial!”

Other ideas? Set up a special before- or after-conference event like a casual meet-up at a nearby bar or breakfast in the lobby. Do a live blog or video from the event. Tune into our innate “fear of missing out” with a special conference flash sale. As you can see, you’ve got options once you start brainstorming.

#5. Target the attendees

Do you know who’s going to attend? You could look at the speaker lists, vendor lists, and event sponsors. Follow and engage with key influencer contacts on social media. Another thought? Create a targeted, branded social campaign specifically for the attendees.

#6. Remember those visuals

When designing social media for ICSC New York Deal Making and CREtech NY, remember how important visuals are to catching attention. Highlight your brand and the visual branding behind these two events. Take team photos in front of conference banners or your event banners.

#7. Be genuine

Finally, trying to win a social media popularity contest won’t work. You don’t need to speak with every panelist to be a success. Be yourself when using social media. Suddenly going from two tweets a week to nine a day isn’t real. Keep your interactions in line with your brand voice and goals.

We hope you’ll spend some time with us at CREtech NY. Ask our experts all your social media and blogging marketing questions.

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