#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: Return to Story Telling Series… Crafting Your Story – 4 Ways to Design Your Social Media Stories to Attract Your Target Audience and Build Your Brand


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Are you spending enough time Snap-Story-Feed-TimeHop-Tweeting? That’s a thing, right? We believe that a big part of your social media presence is telling a story online. These tidbits and stories are what bring together your overall brand story which helps your audience and followers connect with you in a more meaningful and long-lasting way.

But how do you best craft your story online so that your audience in consistently engaged in your content?

#1. Use SnapChat geofilters.


SnapChat is a social media platform used to take short videos that disappear after 24 hours – much like Instagram stories. But one of the fun features of SnapChat is that you can use “geofilters” to add graphics to your images. On top of having a geofilter created for your CRE company, you can encourage others to use it. Are you having an event or an open house? Offer a fun giveaway or other incentive for your clients to use Snapchat and your branded geofilter!

#2. Add valuable links to your stories.

Whether it’s a SnapChat story, an Insta-story, or a Facebook story – give your followers a call-to-action. Links embedded in stories are up to eight times more likely to generate an opt-in that a traditional e-mail, and it keeps your clients engaged longer. Are you doing a video walk-through? Share a link to the property listing. Are you talking about office design? Include a link with your latest blog piece about it.

#3. Offer insights and experiences that viewers can’t get anywhere else.


Everyone wants a “behind-the-scenes” look at what their favorite celebrities or brands are doing, and that is also true for CRE businesses. Do you have a hot new property that hasn’t even hit your website listings yet? Share it on a story and give those loyal followers a first look. Did you have a hilarious office talent show at your latest sales off-site? Let your audience in on the entertaining action and they’ll feel more connected to you and your business!

#4. Poll your audience to see what kind of content they prefer most.


Instagram now allows you to use polls to engage your audience and because posts that create a call-to-action for your followers are always more valuable. Ask them what they need as far as content. Poll them on their real estate needs. Make sure you’re giving your audience exactly what they need and want. Plus, they’ll feel part of something if they know you’re polling them to serve them better.

Engagement is key and while stories are a great way to keep your audience interested in your content, engaging them through their stories will make you more memorable and keep your followers interested in your valuable content.

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