#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: The Battle for Followers – Is it worth it?


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“Doing it for the ‘gram” has become a household phrase addressing the absolute extremes people go to for likes or follows from people they’ve never met. After all, the number of followers on a social media account is now used as an indication of how relevant, important or well liked a person or organization is.

As a CRE professional, you’ve probably thought long and hard about what your number of followers says about your real estate business. Especially if you’re new to social media, you might be worried that only a handful of followers will make your business appear unprofessional or suggest that your content isn’t relevant. So, while you’re growing you might be more focused on increasing your followers than you are engaging them.

The Nasty Game that is Purchasing Followers

For social influencers and aggressive businesses wanting to appear that they’ve grown quickly because of their killer content or amazing photos, they may actually purchase followers. Many believe it’s all about perception and they want their business to appear to have it all together on social media.

For social media influencers, their livelihood depends on that important follower count. Paid promotions and sponsorship deals are often determined by the number of followers an account has. But if you use one of these companies to buy followers – what exactly do you get?

More Followers, Empty Promises

Let’s say you’ve invested in 1,000 new followers for your commercial real estate business. You think your Instagram page is looking pretty good and that the new clients and sales will shortly follow. But who are all these followers?

Often times, they are fake accounts generated by the companies you purchased them from and they won’t interact with your social media accounts. And on top of that, we guarantee they aren’t in the market for commercial real estate and even more likely they aren’t in your home city. And because they aren’t real people they won’t even like or comment on your content. So, the only real purpose they are serving is making it appear as if people are interested in your content but the second your actual clients figure this out – you’ll immediately lose their trust.

Not Worth the Dishonesty

If you’re purchasing Instagram, Twitter or Facebook followers to appear legitimate but any one customer figures out your little scam, you’re almost certain to have lost them for life. Commercial real estate is an industry that requires large investments and very personal decisions to be made by your clients and if they immediately see you as deceitful, your social media presence will completely backfire and actually send business away. And with the weird photos and lack of engagement on behalf of your “fake followers,” it’s not hard to spot a scammer.

You’ll Only Benefit from Engaging Your Audience

To truly build a genuine following on social media that will convert to future clients and sales, you have to do the hard work of engaging your audience. First, that means giving them content that is valuable and actionable. You’ll also have to establish yourself as an expert in your industry to establish trust. And lastly, you’ll have to continually engage your audience. It’s about asking them about their needs, gathering feedback on what content is most important to them, and creating meaningful conversation online.

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