#KeepingCRESocial by Sarah Malcolm: How to Get Over “Going Live” Nerves


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What’s all this talk about “going live”? If you haven’t heard, it’s the capability to record a live video from your Facebook or Instagram feed. It has proven to be a great way to engage with your followers and drive business back to your CRE company. After all, sales is all about building relationships and what better way to do that than through live video where you can interact with your audience first hand?

But… it’s live… right?!

Yup. It’s live. If your kid comes in the room, or an animal bites you, or someone sends you inappropriate photos that pop up on your computer facing the camera, or you burn your hair off with a curling wand… wait. I’m just thinking of all those awful live videos of embarrassing moments that have gone viral. I sufficiently just made you more nervous, didn’t it?

Don’t worry. You won’t be the twerking girl that catches her yoga pants on fire when she falls into a candle on her coffee table. I promise. But, how can you keep those nerves under control, you might ask? I’ve got a few great tips to be sure your video goes viral for the right reasons.

#1: PREP!

Just like your mom told you in third grade when you had your first school presentation. You should always prepare, prepare, prepare. If you know what you’re going to discuss, have an outline prepared, have said a few things to yourself in the mirror (other than, hey good looking!), and you have some canned questions you can answer in the event you don’t get any – the nerves should subside!

#2. Practice makes perfect.

Your mom also probably told you to practice that piano she was forcing you to play. But when she said practice makes perfect, she was right. Sure, the more live videos you do the better you’ll get but if you want a little practice before you get started there are plenty of private Facebook groups for marketers to practice live video with each other, and offer helpful critiquing.

#3. Relax.

It’s easy for me to say. I’m not the one going live, right? But relaxing is truly the key to offering a great live video session for your followers. The more fun you’re having the easier it will be for your viewers to enjoy themselves, and come back for more later. Maybe you need a glass of wine to get the ball rolling. Or you should try some deep breathing or meditation. Perhaps a little downward facing dog or tai chi. For me, sometimes it’s just a big nap! Whatever helps you chill – do it! Make sure you schedule 30 minutes before your live to slip into your relaxation routine so you’re ready to go when you’re nice and calm.

Facebook and Instagram Live will be such a huge part of your business in 2018, so it’s important to remind yourself how important it is to get your video skills polished up. So, prepare, practice and relax – it’s just a video after all!

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