#KeepingCRESocial: Social Media Isn’t a One-Way Street – Why you should be interacting with your audience


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Remember that girl or guy you liked in high school? Depending on your generation you may have texted them when your parents thought you were sleeping, or passed them notes during chemistry class, but as much as you liked them they just didn’t reciprocate. Texts were left on “read,” voicemails on their parent’s machine were never returned, and you were humiliated when they showed up at the school dance with someone other than you.

If they never gave you the time of day you can’t call that much of a relationship, can you? Still stings, doesn’t it? Cue the violins!

Believe it or not, the same is true for your commercial real estate social media strategy.

Sending messages into the black hole…

As social media experts, we’re often contacted by companies that don’t understand why after sharing all their best content, they aren’t seeing new business traffic from their social media channels. For us, social media isn’t a lead generation tool, it’s a relationship tool.

Your website is designed to be that one-way street where you provide content and information about your business, and prospects contact you for more information. Social media is a completely different animal and chances are you aren’t using it correctly.

Giving your company a voice through social media

Think of social media as the latest happy hour you went to with your colleagues. Imagine yourself sitting there spouting off stats about your life and tidbits of information about your personality, and while your buddies share their own stories about themselves and how they can relate to you, you turn your back to them to get yourself another $1 margarita. What the heck?! I’m guessing you wouldn’t be invited to the next happy hour.

This is kind of like running a social media channel without interacting with your audience. The reason social media is called “social” is because people expect you to engage them. Have you noticed the friends who typically share your content or comment on your posts are the ones that you most regularly do the same for?

Taking a page out of the successful blogger playbook

Look at some of your favorite bloggers. It could be a beauty or fashion blogger, a jet-setting travel blogger, or that opinionated sports blogger you love so much. How often are they interacting with their audience? Probably… every day.

It’s likely they are sharing stories on Instagram, videos on Facebook, or asking for feedback on YouTube. There’s always a specific call-to-action for their audience and they are always quick to acknowledge the engagement from their fans.

How can you implement this into your own social media strategy? Get out there! You need to put yourself in the game and start making some friends. I know, I sound like your mom the day you started grade school – but it’s true. And it works.

Become the biggest social butterfly in commercial real estate

It’s time to step up your social game, and that means interacting with your audience. Ask them questions, poll them on the type of content you’ll share next, find out what their biggest frustrations are, and respond to their comments and likes. Find ways to show them you’re listening and care about their opinions.

Chances are, the more you interact with your audience the more likely you are to generate a huge following on social media that converts to clients. Give your audience a reason to want to be your friend. Don’t be that guy at the bar turning their back to their friends, because you’ll eventually be left with no friends, or new clients, at all!

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