Looks Aren't Everything Unless It's Your Brand



By Amanda Bowen, Director of Business Development at The Content Funnel

Beauty definitely is more than skin deep. So is your brand. With this philosophy, you may think lacking a defined “look” for your company is not a big deal. It’s about the people and the services, right? Yes, those are important, but the visuals components of your brand really do matter. Circle Research found, “77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth.”

You spent hours crafting the language behind your sales pitch. Well, logos, font choices, color schemes, photo filters– they are the “visual language” communicating an equally powerful message. They elaborate on the business’s personality and values in subtle, but important ways.

Still don’t think visual relationships matter? Think about phishing scams. People get tricked into entering their personal data because the webpage looked like the brand.

What do you need to do to build this “visual language” for your brand?

#1. Consistency

A strong look helps consumers connect with your business and build a relationship. A consistent look builds a clear perception of your company.

“Every point of contact that a customer has with your business, from the photo in an advertisement to the postcard you ship with orders, has the potential to influence how they perceive your company. All these visuals need to be carefully considered and integrated with each other,” says Katharine Paljug to Business News Daily.

Brands with differentiating visuals or who change up their look often have to spend more time and more money to get their brand in front of customers.

What to do? Deliver visual consistency across all your channels. Hold those printed flyers against your website: the relationship should be visually clear. A branding guide helps with consistency by defining the acceptable logos, color palette, and font choices for all consumer-facing materials.

#2. Think long-term

Visual branding isn’t a magic button that will draw customers to you immediately. The process of designing a logo or selecting fonts is part of an overall marketing initiative that will bring rewards over time.

Potential customers will have multiple touchpoints with your brand over a long cycle. Again, you want every experience to be consistent, from the email to the social messaging to the blog. Visually, you are building brand recognition for the long haul.  

#3. Who’s the target?

When a potential client lands on your page, what do you want them to think and feel? Trust? Knowledge? Experience?

There are ways visually to communicate values through color choices, layout, and graphic design. Look at Airbnb’s Instagram page as an example: their photography leaves you itching to book your next vacation.

The visual aspects of your brand are for your consumers. Keep that in mind as you work on logos, taglines, and the social media profiles.

Pay Attention to Those Visuals

Images and design elements are powerful parts of your brand. You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Your choices in photos and videos communicate more than you think. You want the same message, verbal and nonverbal, in everything about your brand.


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