Meet the CREators: Eddie Gonzalez


By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Our Meet the CREators series focuses on individuals in the commercial real estate space crushing social media and blogging. They are leaders not necessarily because of the number of likes, although their work often has a loyal following. To truly be a CREator means delivering consistent, creative content that dominates their niche.

Take our first recognized CREator as a prime example of killer social media content: Eddie Gonzalez. As a real estate advisor with SVN Desert Commercial Advisors in Phoenix with a focus on retail sales and advising, Gonzalez is the brains behind Instagram account azcommercialrealestate. His ace social media skills have won over 11,000 followers.

What makes Gonzalez’s Instagram a prime example of successful social media marketing?

#1. It’s Clever

Did you know you have three seconds to capture someone’s attention? Anyone could tell you this factoid, or you be truly memorable and SHOW us how to capture attention in three seconds. That’s what Gonzalez did in this funny video where he falls out of a chair. As of November 13, 2018, it had over 1,000 views and 39 comments. What a way to make a point!

#2. It’s Real

When you scroll Gonzalez’s feed, you really get a sense for who he is. On the professional side, he’s excited about working in the Phoenix market. Clearly, he loves what his town has to offer. And he’s personally invested: see fun videos of family time or meet the office dog. Gonzalez takes time to respond to many of the comments on his feed, which is so crucial to relationship-building.

#3. It’s Funny

Not only is Gonzalez a born-and-bred Phoenix local, but he has a killer sense of humor. See his playing in the rain post. We especially love “Garage Talk” advice. In one, he talks about feeling abandoned by tenants he works with after the deal is done. One notable quote refers to a blog he read for new brokers about being comfortable, “...and because of that I’m wearing jeans and sneakers to work.” Don’t take our word for his humor, just watch Garage Talk.

#4. It’s eye-catching

Gonzalez really has an eye for photography and videography. The feed captures stunning shots around the city, like this angle on red bricks. He’s not afraid to experiment, as you’ll see in the 3D-looking The Churchill Drone footage.

#5. Relationships

We’ve touted time and time again how social media can build relationships. Gonzalez is a clear believer, too, and he’s repeatedly given examples of how social can build real, genuine relationships. Due to his killer Instagram, he’s met people from all over the world. This post explains how a chain of relationships let to his meeting an artist from England. How cool is that?

If you want an example of an CRE Instagram that’s professional but personal, clever and genuine, follow CREator Eddie Gonzalez at azcommercialrealestate.

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