Q&A with Ofo Ezeugwu, CEO of Whose Your Landlord, on Corporate Housing Workshops



Meet Whose Your Landlord (WYL), a service on a mission to empower and inform the rental community. Co-founded by CEO Ofo Ezeugwu, WYL was called “The MVP of Landlord Review Sites” by ApartmentTherapy.com. The company is committed to creating a community and dialogue between renters and landlords. We recently spoke with Ezeugwu about how WYL is taking what they’ve learned from the rental community to help home providers improve the rental experience with their new Corporate Housing Workshops.

Can you briefly share the background and mission of Whose Your Landlord?

WYL came out of a desire to provide more transparency to renters throughout the living process. The platform focuses on home provider reviews and on sharing housing literacy content. In addition to that, WYL provides developers, landlords, and property managers with software that aggregates reviews from all over the web, enabling them to better understand and address the needs of their residents.

A few notes to know about WYL:

  • 15k reviews across northeast

  • 250+ cities with reviews in the US

  • Featured in Forbes, Apartment Therapy, Newsweek, NowThis News, Blavity, TechCrunch, etc.

  • Named the "MVP of Landlord Review Sites" by ApartmentTherapy.com in 2018 

  • Winner of Disruptor and Innovator Award, by NBCUniversal & NYOT in 2018

  • Selected to BeEngaged program with Warren Buffet's company, Berkadia

2. One thing you’re doing we’re excited about is your WYL Corporate Housing Workshop. What inspired you to start these?

I was recently speaking at a conference in Denver, CO, when I was approached by two C-level folks, requesting us to provide housing literacy workshops to better assist their employees who’ve relocated and/or need assistance in finding rentals, within their budget, across the markets they’re in.

3. Who would be interested in these workshops and what are some of the topics covered?

Corporations located in major cities will benefit from these workshops the most. We cover topics such as:

  • Best hacks to find "reasonable" living in NYC & PHL

  • Rental rights 

  • Gentrification and the nuances of it 

  • Searching with and without brokers 

  • What to look for when viewing an apartment

  • NYC & PHL agencies and their coverage 

  • Good neighbor policies and procedures 

4. What can attendees expect to walk away with? In addition to what they’ve learned, do you provide anything tangible that attendees can keep with them?

Attendees should expect to have a better understanding of the nuances of their cities, a wider idea of how to better engage with their neighborhoods, and a more comprehensive knowledge base on housing and their rental rights.

Each participant will walk away with a physical copy of our WYL Renter Commandments handbook. The handbook is available in English, Spanish, and Russian, with Mandarin on the way…

5. What are some of the companies you’ve worked with or will be working with on these?

We’ve created housing literacy content with and have provided workshops for organizations like Allstate, American Express, Quickbooks, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta, NYSAPBRL, and more. Additionally, we’ll be working with some major tech companies and fast casual dining companies, in the coming months, too.

6. Do you only host corporate housing workshops in NYC or are there other regions you work in?

Currently, we host workshops in NYC and Philly. In the near future, we’ll be expanding these to multiple markets and will have Renter Commandments handbooks for those respective markets, too.

7. How can an organization contact you in order to inquire about opportunities for WYL to host a workshop with them?

Any organization interested in booking a corporate housing workshop can reach out to our Director of Communications Kelley Green (Kelley@wylandlord.com). Or, visit wylandlord.com and ping us at our onsite, company email (letstalk@wylandlord.com).


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