Should You Live Blog in the Era of Live Video?

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By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Live video is an increasingly popular format. According to Livestream, 80 percent of our audience prefers to watch live video over reading a blog. In an era where anyone can stream events in real-time, does the live blog format still have a place? The answer depends on you, your goals, and the nature of video vs blogging.

For the purposes of this blog, a “live blog” means regular updates to a blog or webpage or on a social media like with Twitter during a short time period, such as an hour or a day. The blog can be text and images. While “live video” can be considered a video blog, that’s not what we’re talking about today. “Live video” would be an extended stream of an event.

Why Live Video?

Live streaming appeals to our fear of missing out. We like being in the moment as much as possible. Live video connects people with the event even if we’re lounging in sleepwear hundreds of miles away.

If you’re streaming live through a social network, your audience can give instant feedback through likes or comments. As a presenter, you now have an opportunity for a real-time conversation and to boost audience engagement. A different survey from Livestream found 82 percent of respondents would rather watch a brand’s live video than read its social media posts.

Why Live Blog?

Live video streaming doesn’t always make sense. Large conferences or workshops might be streaming the event. A live video might be disruptive to the audience around you.

Live blogging allows the writer to provide a commentary to the events happening around them without disrupting the flow. Tagging others and using event hashtags allows the blogger to join in the conversation as it is happening. The format is an excellent way to update your community about things that are about to happen, e.g., “Michael Beckerman is about to take the stage.”

Do both?

You could use a hybrid approach. Live stream when it’s appropriate during the day and post a blog wrap-up as soon as the day’s event concludes. Or, post a series of short live videos on social media with personal commentary. Divide and conquer: one staff member live blogs on social media while another tackles live streams.

For best results, let your audience know you plan to live stream or live blog ahead of time. Build anticipation for the event. Have the right equipment ready at the right time. Know your event hashtags and be ready to respond to your audience’s comments.

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