Tap Into Your Social Mad Scientist



By Sarah Malcolm, COO of The Content Funnel

Ruts happen. We feel a sense of déjà vu, that the social media post we’re working on has been created before. The analytics are stagnating or growth is slow.

While it's fine to use tried-and-true marketing methods, sometimes it pays to experiment with your social media programming. Why?

  • It will inspire you to break that rut

  • You might discover something new speaking to your audience

  • It keeps social programming fresh

Get a little crazy! Draw on Dr. Frankenstein become a social mad scientist. Just remember the basics of the scientific method: set goals, prioritize, test, analyze and learn. Create a hypothesis. “If (this), then (this), because (this).”  Example: “If we start a live video series, we’ll see a bump in social traffic because viewers are interested in learning more about drones in real estate marketing.”

Now, what should you do for the best experiment?

#1. Take a few risks.

It’s easy to say you should experiment with the building blocks of social media. That means changing up posting schedules, calls-to-actions, or format colors. Those are safe–and standard– experiments.

The next level tries new content types and styles. Do you always blog? Try a live video! Do you typically publish case studies? Try an infographic! Posting only on Facebook and Twitter? Give Instagram a shot, and try Stories while you’re at it! Run an experiment with microblogs, or craft a few longer pieces of content. Change up the imagery on your social media posts. The possibilities really are endless when you start to play around.

Whatever you choose to do, keep at it. Keep experimenting, keep tracking results. Learn more from taking the risk and stay out of traps.

#2. Keep changing

We’re in a data-driven market. Our social media programs and blogging efforts are intended to drive results. But we have to remember the target is always moving. The social landscape is changing. New platforms emerge that change our marketing approach. Think about how Snapchat brought about disappearing content on other platforms. Just because a marketing program was successful doesn’t mean you can’t improve upon it, or that those results will replicate again.

Have fun with your social media experiments, but be wary they don’t eat too much of your time. If you have a social media strategy that’s working, continue the program to keep results. Just reserve some time for running new strategies and keep playing. That’s how we discover new ways to create successful social campaigns.

If playing social Frankenstein doesn’t break your rut, you can always consult with a social media expert. Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes will bring new energy to your program.

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