The Perfect DIY Marketing Video Set Up Without Going Professional!


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You’re doing it! You’ve listened to our encouragement to start sharing videos with your audience to support your CRE company’s marketing efforts! Woohoo! But you don’t want to spend a fortune hiring professional videographers, right? Well, we’re not going to leave you hanging now. We have some great tips for creating the perfect conditions for shooting video without breaking the bank.

The Camera

When it comes to investing in a camera for your marketing video efforts, you may not even need one. With the advances in video technology on your smartphone – it’s fairly easy to get by just using your mobile phone for catching your property walk-throughs or Insta-story videos.

If you want a slightly more professional-looking video, you may want to invest in a DSLR camera that will give you a clear picture and the ease of an automatic focus. It’s easy to find a basic DSLR camera for under $600, and some of the more popular ones include the Canon Rebel Series and the Nikon D3300 and D3200 cameras.

The Set Up

Stabilizing your photo is an important part of creating quality video so your audience won’t get seasick watching your property walk-through. There is always an option to stabilize your stationary video by propping your phone or camera up on a shelf or table instead of holding it in your shaky hand.

But if you’re wanting to invest in some equipment to professionally level your camera, there are many reasonably priced tripods or “GorillaPods” that can wrap around railings, chairs or fixtures. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of walking and talking on video, you may want to invest in a hand-held stabilizer that makes your video more portable.

Perfect Lighting

Most of the time, you’ll depend on natural lighting to give your videos that perfect glow. And it’s critical to plan your filming around the properties you’re walking through and the times of day they are most filled with natural light.

If you’re filming in a studio or a dark office and need to enhance your video with some professional lighting, there are plenty of basic umbrella light lighting kits for under $100. And if most of your videos will be close-up shots of just one or two people talking directly to the camera – try a light ring to be sure your face gets just the right amount of light.

Quality Sound

When you’ve perfected your visuals, nothing can ruin that quite like bad sound. For a very small investment of less than $100 you can purchase a lavalier microphone that is both discreet and powerful. If you’re merely sitting in front of the camera and not doing video walk-throughs, you can invest in a desk-style microphone like a Blue Yeti for around $99.

Your built-in iPhone microphone might do the trick for quick videos, but for a small investment you can make a significant difference in the quality of your video sound.

Video isn’t going anywhere when it comes to emerging marketing technologies, so with less than $1000 you can make a serious investment in yourself and your business without a lot of money. After all, if you get just one client from your video marketing efforts your investment would have more than paid off!

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