The Roadmap for Blogging Made Easy by Sarah Malcolm


Here’s a not-so-secret secret: blogging takes a ton of time. The longer the blog, the more research, drafting, and reviewing. Another big industry secret? You can streamline the process. How?

#1. Brainstorm topics en masse

Stop starting fresh each week. Instead, brainstorm a bouquet of ideas in a single session. Aiming to publish 10 blogs a month? In twenty-minutes, brainstorm twelve ideas. Pick the best ten for your content schedule. It’s way easier than coming up with a new idea on the fly.

#2. Batch outlining and research

Outlining simplifies the drafting process, but it takes a little time. Why not do it all at once? Writing in a flow is easy, but we’re busy people. We can’t always dedicate 20-30 minutes to drafting. Having an outline makes it easy to write a paragraph here or there between clients. The flow isn’t interrupted because it reminds you what to say next. Plus, it naturally breaks texts into chunks and lists, a blogging best practice.

Block time to outline all your next blog ideas for the next two-to-four weeks. Pro tip: add direct quotes and the source links from all of your research into your outline so you don’t have to look it up when drafting.

#3. Draft more than one blog at a time

Writing off an outline when you have time is one approach to getting the blog done. Another? Batch drafting! Schedule an hour or two out of your week and write as many blogs as possible. The key to drafting is remembering it’s a DRAFT. It doesn’t need to be a polished, beautiful, award-winning blog post. Rough copy is acceptable. Just write. If you don’t like a phrase or sentence, that’s okay. Get the words out, highlight or comment that section, and move on. Work magic during revision.

#4. Put effort into the title

Killer titles sell blog opens, so it’s worth spending a little more time here. Start with a working title that reflects the overall topic. Keep modifying until you find a title that resonates on the topic and with your brand identity. Consider researching keywords or crafting a search-engine optimized title.

#5. Use a grammar checker

The revision phase is where you will want to spend the most time in crafting quality copy. However, you can speed revision along with a grammar checker. Today’s programs are more sophisticated and analyze beyond spell check. Software like Grammarly will analyze for passive voice, homonyms, missing words, wrong words, and incorrect phrases. Free Grammar Check offers alternative word suggestions.

#6. Mass source images

Blogs need images! In a rush? Don’t overthink: get a generic photo from any of the royalty-free image-sharing websites. However, if you want unique images, you will need stock photography. By pre-scheduling all your ideas, you’ll know your topics ahead of time. Why not batch source your blog images?

Blogging still not your jam? You can always hire a real estate blogging expert to speed along the drafting process! A real estate writer helps busy professionals source ideas, drafts the text, and revises copy.

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