Top Commercial Real Estate Tech Investors

We’re officially in the season for being thankful, and here at The Content Funnel we are thankful for the top investors in Commercial Real Estate. So many of them are making strides in our industry that we only think it appropriate to appreciate them this time of year.

Here are some of the top investors in our industry, and why we think they are doing great things!

Fifth Wall

Fifth Wall believes in making physical spaces more accessible, cheaper, healthier, more efficient, more dynamic, personalized, connected and intimate. Not only are they connecting owners and operators of real estate with entrepreneurs, they are doing it in a sustainable and responsible way.

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Dreamit Ventures

Dreamit offers programs that provide startups with direct access to customers, investors, executives and thought leaders in both healthcare and real estate tech. They drive important pilot programs before they match these companies with larger venture funds and investor groups that can take their business to the next level.

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Canaan Partners

Canaan Partners focuses on visionaries with transformative ideas looking to make a difference in the world. They regularly break the mold to make things happen for companies they believe in, and understand that greatness may come in different forms.

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Camber Creek

Camber Creek focuses on providing strategic value and capital to technology companies focused on the real estate market, and do so on a large scale. They own over 150 million square feet of real estate in the U.S. alone.

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Index Ventures

Index Ventures isn’t just focused on the U.S. market. They believe in having global ambitions which means they have teamed up with entrepreneurs in 39 cities across the world. They bring the ideas of the most ambitious entrepreneurs to life and believe it’s their life’s mission.

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Moderne Ventures

Moderne Ventures focuses on the early stages of technology company startups. And they search for the right types of real estate, mortgage, and insurance companies that can achieve multi-trillion dollar growth with the help of their fund.

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Navitas is focused on making investments at the intersection of the Energy and IT sectors for Real Estate, with specific domain expertise on Intelligent Buildings and Enterprise start-ups. Within the Intelligent Building & Enterprise space, their five primary investment themes are: (1) Advanced Materials, (2) Smart Systems, (3) Resource Efficiency, (4) Workflow Tools and (5) Business Model Innovation.

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Fika Ventures

Fika Ventures believe in the power of its name, which is the Swedish term for enjoying coffee with friends. They believe their organization offers the opportunity for businesses to learn, create, and collaborate – as you would while enjoying a beverage at your local coffee shop. They love entrepreneurs and thrive on bringing them together with a common goal.


Shadow Ventures

Shadow Ventures was built by serial entrepreneur, KP Reddy, and focuses on his mission to invest in Seed stage companies that are looking to change the world with disruptive technologies in the world of planning, construction and design.


RRE Ventures

RRE Ventures is a New York-based venture capital firm taking on some of the hottest names in emerging industries like BuzzFeed, Venmo, and Business Insider. They specialize in tech companies with innovative ideas that are likely to make a huge impact on their industry.


Corigin Ventures

Corigin Ventures loves founders and their experience, intelligence, resiliency and most importantly – their hustle! And they believe in bold businesses with innovative ideas that will likely shake up the market and drive growth.


Tusk Ventures

Tusk Ventures is a political strategy firm focused on helping startups navigate the complicated world of politics, regulation and media. They believe our technology-focused world will change public policy and that things will start to look a lot different.


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