What “The Walking Dead” Can Teach You About Marketing Your Commercial Real Estate Business


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When things heat up between you and your competition, it can start to feel a little like a fight to the death in a zombie apocalypse. Okay, so maybe not quite that bad. But marketing yourself to stand apart from the competition can feel a bit like a battle of strength and wits.

And for those of you that watch the hit AMC TV series, The Walking Dead, we think you can find more than a few elements of the zombie apocalypse to compare to your everyday life marketing your commercial real estate business.

Strategy is everything.

You don’t think Rick Grimes would lead his group into a battle with Negan and his Saviors without a clear strategy in place, do you? Marketing is about having a clear plan. Just like each person in Rick’s Alexandria compound has a job and intention, so should your different marketing efforts.

For instance, how will your social media represent your brand? What will the voice of your organization sound like? Who is your target audience? Rick rarely leads his people into battle without intention or an end game. What’s yours?

To survive, you must embrace the new world you live in.

Sure, there are plenty of people that think they don’t need to embrace this new world of digital marketing and can stick to their old ways of drumming up business, but this is an “eat or be eaten” kind of world.

It’s sort of like thinking you can hang out in your suburban neighborhood outside of Atlanta after a zombie outbreak and not change your way of life… and not be killed. You must adapt with the changing times and with that comes embracing digital marketing. So, pick up that machete and get to work!

Don’t shy away from taking a chance.

Our favorite pizza delivery guy, Glenn, was never afraid of taking a few chances. Whether it was pulling a zombie out of a water well or running through a sea of walkers to steal a much-needed sports car, Glenn was all about high risk for high return.

Take a chance with your digital marketing. Do something that no one else is doing, or doing well, and you might just be surprised how it changes your business. No one ever got ahead by doing exactly what everyone else was.

Let people take on the jobs where their expertise lies.

Not everyone can be a digital marketing guru just like not everyone can slice open a zombie with a samurai sword quite like Michonne. If digital marketing isn’t your thing, find someone in your organization who will embrace it and be good at it! Utilize your people for their expertise and let them run with it… just not with a samurai sword in their hand.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

If you don’t have anyone within your organization that can take on your digital marketing strategy, don’t be afraid to ask the experts for help. After all, if you don’t have the time or interest in developing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, that’s no excuse not to do it. After all, this is the life of your business we’re talking about.

Just like Michonne and Carol have spent times trying to take on everything themselves and go it alone, they fared much better when they had the strength to ask for help. After all, no one wants to take on this cut-throat world of marketing alone!

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