What Will 2018 Mean for Content Marketing?


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Just when you’ve adjusted to all the emerging trends in content marketing for 2017 – the new year throws a curveball! But you can stay ahead of the pack by implementing a new marketing strategy in 2018 with the emerging trends in mind… long before your competition does!

What will be the hot trends in content marketing for 2018?

#1. A focus on distribution

The word is out. Content is king. But with more and more businesses focusing on creating content to drive their marketing, the more crowded and noisy your industry becomes. Your audience is being bombarded by amazing content created by all of your competitors, so how will you stand out?

In 2018, you’ll see marketers focusing on distribution strategies in addition to their content strategies. They will be looking for the most effective ways to get their content in front of the right audiences. Is it time for you to hire a content distribution expert?

#2. Offering interactive content

For commercial real estate professionals, the future is virtual reality. Are you on board yet? It might be time to get ahead of the pack because revenue forecasts from Digi-Capital report an estimated $108 billion in growth for augmented and virtual reality by 2021.

If you’re worried it’s too early to jump on the virtual reality bandwagon, Forbes suggests that over 30 percent of consumer-facing brands will experiment with virtual reality in the new year. And when it comes to commercial real estate, VR is the perfect solution for working with out-of-town buyers or those that want to see their remodeled vision come to life before signing on the dotted line.

#3. Going live for increased engagement

According to Facebook, users spend three times more time watching live videos as opposed to pre-recorded videos. While it was no secret in 2017 that video is an important part of any marketing strategy, live video will take 2018 by storm as the marketing medium of choice. Not only it is more engaging, it allows your audience to engage with you in real time making them stick around to get their important questions answered.

#4. Building trust for more confident clients

With the crowded content field comes the lack of trust on the part of your audience. Transparency will be key in building a trusting audience in 2018. What does that mean for your marketing strategy?

You’ll be focusing more on building relationships with influencers who will recommend your work, or asking more of your clients for referrals and testimonials. It could also just mean more transparency when it comes to how your run your CRE business and your process when working with new clients. The more you can share with the audience, the quicker they’ll begin to trust you!

The general theme for 2018 when it comes to marketing your CRE business will be building trust and increasing engagement with your target audience. So, get to work before your competitors! 2018 is right around the corner.

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