What’s a Target Audience and Why Should You Identify Yours?


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You might be thinking - what is this “target audience” the marketing world keeps speaking of and why do I need to identify mine? While many commercial real estate agents think they should market to the majority of the commercial real estate pool of potential clients, that may not be the best way to turn prospective clients into paying clients.

What is a target audience?

Your target audience is the group of people that would most likely be interested in the services you’re offering. You might think that is as simple as anyone looking for commercial property, but to stay ahead of your competition you may want to go much deeper than that.

What is your area of expertise?

Technically you are marketing to anyone looking for commercial real estate, but it’s also likely that you specialize in one type of commercial real estate. Are you only focused on small retail spaces? Perhaps you work primarily in giant shopping centers or warehouses.

Whatever your “specialty” is, you likely have one. And the best part about picking an area of expertise and sticking with it, is that any time someone is looking for commercial space in your known area of focus they likely won’t think of working with anyone else.

What audience do you best resonate with?

When you think about your ideal client, someone you really relate to – who is that client for you? Perhaps you’re a dentist turned commercial real estate broker, you’d probably be best suited to assist dentists looking for dental office space. Maybe you’re an aspiring restaurant owner and you know exactly what spaces in your city are zoned for and would make the best bistros. Ultimately, you should think about what makes you unique? And how can that unique quality make you more qualified than the next guy?

Okay, I know my target audience. Now what?

It’s a little thing called branding and your business should be doing it. It’s a common misconception that you should brand your business to appeal to everyone. The truth is, you’re more likely to connect to and convert clients more quickly when they see you as the perfect fit for their business and needs.

Think about what your specific target market will recognize. Is it photos of dentists or restaurant owners for those targeting certain types of business owners? Is it a sleek, modern look and feel on your website for all those tech startups or entrepreneurs you’re trying to attract?

And it doesn’t stop at your photos or the look and feel of your website. Your marketing copy and messaging should be speaking directly to the audience you’re trying to attract. You might be surprised how powerful that is. Because your potential clients will feel like you’re speaking directly to them. Finally, someone who understands them and their needs!

Ultimately, it’s crucial to build your brand around your target audience’s business and needs. Once they recognize you as an expert in their industry, it will make their decision to work with you anything but difficult.

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