When a Bad Review is Good for Your Brand Reputation by Sarah Malcolm


Oh, no! Someone left your commercial real estate business a scathing review online. One star! Has the metaphoric asteroid hit your business? Will customers suddenly flock away? Let’s get real. Yes, what people say online about your business matters to building a solid brand reputation. Shocker: the bad feedback can be just as important as the good.

Social media staff and customer service do their best to curate positive feedback, but the bad happens. People are simply more likely to post negative feedback than positive. One source claims dissatisfied customers will tell 9-15 other people about their bad experience. The same can’t be said for good reviews.

This means all reviews can’t be sunshine and rainbows. Negative reviews happen. The truth is you can bounce back! Shift that negative commentary by delivering responsive, positive customer service through your owned platforms. Zendesk found good experiences lead to 42 percent of consumers to return for another purchase. So treat that less-than-stellar review as an opportunity to transform a dissatisfied customer into a fan. Demonstrate your winning customer service.

Reframe your approach to handling negative feedback. What can you do?

1- Monitor social chatter, including brand name misspellings. When a negative comment appears, you’ll be among the first to know and respond.

2- Have a crisis plan in place. Generally, negative feedback falls into two categories: one, the customer isn’t particularly upset but is giving helpful advice to fix the service or; two, the customer is extremely dissatisfied and is renting. Approach both scenarios differently. For bigger hits on your brand reputation, you’ll need a better social media crisis plan.

3- Respond quickly. Show you are engaged with your owned platforms with a quick follow-up to the feedback. This builds brand trust.

4- Take action. Depending on your social media plan and the individual’s feedback, you may request they contact you. Direct the individual to the right people to handle the problem. Let that customer service professional know the complaint and its channel. Or, if the comment is more of a constructive review, explain the actions your company is taking and thank them for their feedback.

Don’t sweat the occasional bad review. The offhand poor remarks show you are a real, growing business. Plus, they’ll make the many positive reviews shine brighter. Handle the comment like a pro and keep delivering winning customer service through your social channels. Soon you’ll get a reputation for being response to customer needs and that drives business. If you need advice for handling social reviews, we’re here to help!

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