When It's Time to Outsource Your Blog

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Who hasn’t wished for more hours in a day? Sometimes it seems impossible to accomplish everything in 24 hours. Everyone prioritizes what tasks are most important to detriment of others. Real estate is no exception. What matters more: calling back a key client or writing a blog? While both tasks matter, you're more likely to engage the client than spend an hour at the keyboard. To allow you to keep your eyes on the prize, sometimes it's better to pass less essential tasks to somebody else. Pay attention to some red flags that indicate it's time the start outsourcing your blog content.

Dread Writing

When the thought of writing another blog sends a cold trickle of sweat running down the back of your neck, it might be time to find a skilled content writer to take over writing. Blogging requires more thought and attention than people think. Not everyone enjoys the process of drafting content. If you find yourself hating writing, the blog is more likely to wither into internet oblivion and the realm of dead blogs. Let a skilled blogger take care of that headache for you.

Schedule, What Schedule?

To do a blog correctly and efficiently, content marketers follow content calendars with the schedule of topics and posting deadlines. Ideally, the blog should be written and revised well ahead of the publication date. In the real world, life happens. We fall behind. Deadlines sneak up and we find ourselves rushing to push out content the day it's to be published. When this starts happening on a regular basis, it's time to think about passing off the blog to someone who has the time to write quality content and meet those calendar deadlines. Maintaining a consistent schedule is essential to building an audience and improving search engine ranking.

Code Zero on Metrics

A goal centered around metrics drive a social media strategy. Blogging plays a role in reaching those goals. You should know which topics your audience is responding well to, when your audience is visiting, and what devices they are using to access your content. All of this information feeds into creating better blogs. If your metrics have flat lined and you can't figure out why, find another expert that can pinpoint what strategies to revise to start seeing gains again.

Better Promotion

Blogging is not a one-and-done form of content marketing. One reason why it's so effective is because certain topics can be recycled into new types of content that will attract a different audience. Because of blogs live beyond their initial publication date, they will continue drawing traffic to your website for months or years. However, this additional traffic doesn't always happen just because. Blogs need constant promotion through social media. They need distribution through different channels. Outsourcing content marketing and blogging could mean additional help for better promotion of your content.

If you still want to stick out blogging a little while longer, make sure to avoid common blogging mistakes. Otherwise, check out the options available at The Content Funnel to supercharge your content marketing plan.

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