Why You Should Be Building and Nurturing an E-mail List


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Things have shifted in the world of email lists and this change has likely affected the way you personally look at your own email subscriptions.

In an effort to simplify their lives, many people have started downsizing the amount of email newsletters they get from their favorite companies. So it’s becoming increasingly challenging to not only capture an e-mail address but to be sure your audience is interested and engaged, and ultimately turn them into clients. But when you do, it pays off.

Email lists get 10 times higher conversions than your social media campaigns! And we know how much time and money is invested in managing your social content – so why not your email list building, too?

Why do people join and actually stay in email lists?

To encourage someone to join your email list they either need to feel a personal connection with your CRE brand or be interested in reaping the benefits from the value you’re providing. Some of these benefits likely include early access to information, special benefits, or content that educates them in some way.

If you aren’t providing some kind of value or if your email subscribers are receiving content they can easily find somewhere else (like on your website), then you can be sure they will be quick to “opt out” the next time they’re cleaning out their inbox.

Why do you need an email list anyways?

You’ll always control your email list. While social media is an important place to grow your brand and business, you don’t actually own your Instagram or Facebook followers. If either of those platforms were to shut down tomorrow, how would you stay connected with your audience? You’ll always own access to the email addresses you’ve collected.

Email subscribers tend to be a more engaged audience. If you have a regular audience consistently reading your emails, posts and newsletters it’s likely you will be the first company to come to mind when they have a commercial real estate need. Because people are pickier and pickier about who they let into their email box, you can be sure this is a very warm audience that is loyal to your brand.

You can be certain your email audience will receive your message. With changing algorithms and news feeds on social media often leaving your company out of your followers’ oh-so-important scroll, even your loyal followers could miss your message. You always know that an email will be delivered directly to their inbox.

You’re able to change your email activities based on your audience behavior. Building a true sales funnel through your email campaigns is an art. And if done right, you can nurture your audience with calls-to-action that will actively convert them into clients without just hoping that they see your latest social media campaign.

Content creation for highly effective email campaigns doesn’t just depend on crafting smart messages, it’s about providing valuable information that draws prospective clients in for that important opt-in. Working with experts at The Content Funnel to curate the perfect high-converting piece of content will guarantee that you run successful campaigns to build that critical email list. Happy converting!

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