Why Your Employees are Key to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Your best influencers are the people you interact with everyday: your employees. You hired them for their expertise in the industry. Draw upon their knowledge and provide them a place to shine through content marketing. Providing employees with a voice helps their in leads and sales, but that’s not the only marketing benefit for employers.

#1. Free content written by your experts.

Hiring a single person to handle content marketing can be expensive. That individual isn’t in the trenches with customers tackling the issues that need solving. Your employees are the first line. They know how to address the company’s target customer needs. Asking employees to draft blogs for your content marketing places a company’s diverse talent tool front and center while ensuring useful content is published. Did we mention it’s free?

#2. Free Social Sharing.

Of course an employee that publishes a featured blog post would naturally show off the recognition with their network. The extra social sharing costs nothing and draws new readers to the website for an initial boost. Other content published on social platforms, like photos from a trade show or a company event, can be tagged with the employee’s handle to encourage them to share again.

#3. Mobile brand ambassadors.

Your employees are your best representatives. Empower them to use social to show off their work. Heading to a huge trade show? Even if your content strategist is present, think about appointing an employee or two as a “mobile brand ambassador,” roving the conference and sharing their activities. New project in development? Ask them to post a real-time video providing followers with an update.

Employees treat a request for a blog like as recognition of their individual talent. When your employees are involved in the marketing process, they gain a greater sense of trust and ownership in the company. Using employee voices in content reflects positively on how the company treats its staff. Let them be involved and reap the content marketing rewards.

Lauren LealComment