You Need to Outsource Content Marketing

Blog Post by Sarah Malcolm, Chief Digital Strategist at The News Funnel

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Chances are you did not hire your new sales executive for their Instagram skills. Crafting engaging blogs and social content is not a universal talent. Free your staff to focus on their strengths by hiring experts in content marketing. Not every company needs an in-house specialist. Outsourcing content marketing can solve the content conundrum and produce serious results. What are the advantages of outsourcing content marketing versus hiring an in-house manager?


Outsourcing content marketing to a team equals hiring experts in the latest best practices plus knowledge in your field. Content marketing companies hire multiple content creators and curators with specialized proficiencies ranging from content writing to social media targeted advertising implementation. The team will assign the best person for the job to meet your content marketing needs.

In addition to hiring supercharged manpower, outsourcing content marketing includes access to the custom tools necessary for effective content management. A company could spend a few thousand dollars researching and purchasing software licenses for in-house use. Outsourced content marketing professionals come equipped with the right analytics and curation software.

For some companies, there is not enough workflow to justify hiring a full-time person to produce and manage content forty hours a week. Outsourcing is less expensive in these instances. Pay for what you need. As content demands fluctuate, adjust the workflow and deadlines for seasonal changes. Ramp up the budget to handle a product launch and reduce the workload after the established strategy is producing results.

Let your internal employees focus on their hired responsibilities. Content writing and social media management is an art form. Not everyone enjoys the drafting and editing process. Keep them focus on providing quality customer service and designing new services to meet customer needs. Use the expertise of the outsourced team to craft the promotional content. As an added perk, outsourced content marketers approach the marketing materials as a consumer would, seeing details your team missed because they are close to the project. Their critical eye is backed by their expertise in the field, strengthening product and marketing development.

A company with multiple products that require intimate knowledge of the offerings and regular access to the content creators would be more likely to benefit from hiring an internal staff member or team. The same is true for large companies that need year-round constant monitoring of a content strategy. Keep in mind even in-house content teams regularly outsource projects when they need to keep their focus on company marketing priorities.

Content marketing is not as easy as snapping a photo and posting on Instagram. Industry professionals study the best strategies to enhance content marketing efforts. Outsourced teams offer the specialized knowledge, flexibility, and creative energy that benefit all companies, small and large.

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